Thursday, August 8, 2013

Skateboarding love

Thank god for vacation bible school camp. For 3 hours a day for the next 2 weeks my house will be quiet and clean. I won't have to listen to 'but she, well I, can we, it's my turn', well,  at least for a few hours a day anyway. Pure heaven.

*Edit - it's been 8 days since I started this post so technically I have 2 days left of my meager alone time in which I still can't seem to find time to actually get a post completely written and published.

Nothing special to report on the wod front. Still plugging away at The Way's programming. They've been ok. And by ok I really mean heavy and time consuming. Finally finished the Smolov squatting series. Man that sucked. I think I managed an average of 100 squats a week all between 80-90%. I did do my 1rm retest the other day and am still stuck at 205. Maybe it just wasn't a good day. Next time I'll have to actually eat breakfast first. I know. Duh. I'm so used to working out fasted that it really doesn't seem to affect me so much anymore with the exception of the strength test days... as it would seem.

The summer has been flying by and what have I been doing? Well, I took a few days off to move the kids rooms and paint. My daughter has graduated into the 'big room' and has been enjoying rubbing her friends faces in it. Not only was it a ton of work moving the furniture from room to room but I had to pick the hottest week EVER to do this. It was 100 degrees and a million percent humidity.

Bob and I decided to drain and move the pool since it was ever so slowly rolling down the backyard. That was a big pain in the ass, but it's level now and if the sun ever comes out again we'll be able to enjoy it once more.

My other new found passion this summer has been something quite unexpected for me, skateboarding. Bob got himself a long board for father's day this year and has spent most of his free time this summer cruising around the neighborhood while trying to teach the rest of us how to do it. As expected I was the most reluctant to just hop on give it a go so needless to say it took some a lot of liquid courage in the form of tequila before I would even let Bob talk me into it. My kids however fell in love with it immediately and my daughter now has her own board. Bud soon to follow I'm sure. Me on the other hand, well, I've been practicing the past few weeks and with my 7 year olds encouraging words, I have finally gotten to the point where I can ride down my street by myself. Let me tell you, the first ride was so fucking scary and yet exhilarating at the same time. Now I'm hooked.  And hell, it's just another fun outdoor activity the family can do together. Anything to get Bud away from the incessant use of technology.

With that, my free time has come to end, time to get the kids.

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