Friday, September 30, 2011

Ahhh... the rest day

Today my friends is a CrossFit rest day for me. That means no WOD. Thank the lord because my body is rejecting any sort of demanding physical activity today. Unfortunately we all know unless you are single with no job and living with your parents, there are no true 'rest' days. But a rest day from exercise, especially workouts like CrossFit are very important. The body can only take so much before it gives out and what you don't want is your arms to say screw this we are tired during an 85lb overhead squat. Watch this And my apologies in advance to this guy for displaying his failed attempts, but hey it is on YouTube for gods sake. Anyway, that is the result of a bad day times a really difficult move. We've all been there.

Another tidbit worth mentioning about 'the rest day' is the fact that most CrossFitters rarely take one. I mean a full one with NO activity. We always find an excuse to do something exercise related whether its researching (and testing out) new and harder ways to lift or fun ways to make burpees suck less. (yay burpees!) My husband and I could be in a conversation about a particular workout or talking about a video we saw and 9 out of 10 times he will go out into the garage and do some pullups, shoulder presses or handstand pushups. And if we're not doing a WOD that day, we're out riding the bike for 10 miles or 'just going for a quick 5 mile run'. Seriously, it's a sickness. But I guess overall, that is the beauty of CF, it gives you the desire the strength and confidence to go out and live, to get stuff done and not be intimidated by how hard something is... or was.

Now on to my rest day which includes a trip to the docs, then to the farm for some fresh food and then to a big box store. Afterwards I'll probably run a few 400m sprints while the kids ride their bikes... like I said, sickness.

Oh, I added a new little feature called 'shit list'. It's basically a spot to give a public FU to any companies or anything I hate at the moment. If you have any you want added, let me know. NO people, at least not people we know.

Food Tip: Treat yourself once in a while to organic, hormone and steroid free, vegetarian fed meat. Whether it's beef, chicken, turkey, lamb, whatever. We shouldn't be eating all that crap they inject into the animals. I'm not saying to buy it all the time, unless you can afford it, but once in a while do something thats a little healthier for yourself and your family.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Knee high socks

Day 2 of my blog experiment has begun. Today is one of my favorite WODs the deadlift. Some days I just love to lift heavy stuff. Do I sound like a muscle head from the Y, probably. Although I am a little cuter than them. And, I don't kiss my biceps in the mirror, at least not in front of others.

Speaking of spectacle, I also love deadlift days because I get to show off my crazy knee high socks with short shorts when I do my 400m warmup run down the street. I'm pretty sure my neighbors are used to it by now but I still get some strange looks from passers by. Before you say anything, watch the demo and you'll see why they are a staple. The deadlift  is a movement in which you bring the barbell from the ground to your thigh as close to the body as possible. And with good form, bruised and scraped shins are a result. 

Not much else to share this morning other than the kids are making me crazy and I need to get them out of the house. Oh and I'm going to work in a recipe here and there if I have time. Tonight will be sauteed shrimp, chicken/red pepper sausage and collard greens. 

Food tip today: GO LOCAL. By some apples or pumpkins from a farm or farmers market. Everyone has access to one I don't care where you live. Do it and help out the farmers that actually grow our food and not the big corporate stores who overcharge for it.

Breakfast: oatmeal w/peanut butter, walnuts, bananas, cinnamon. 


air squats
3x95# deadlift
1x115, 135# deadlift

New PR (personal record) for me lifting 200 pounds 3 times. And a heartfelt thank you to Hannah for letting me borrow her navy blue soccer socks. 

Have a great day!

*Remember, this is a work in progress for me. Each day I'll try to improve to make this a useful site.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

WARNING: If you have a general dislike for bacon, CrossFit or sarcasm, this is not the blog for you.

If not... hello and welcome. Who am I, I’m an average 39 year old mom with two kids  and a sense of humor. Besides that, I’m in the best shape of my life, yes at 39. I started this fitness blog well, because I wanted to but mostly to keep track of my daily exercise, bad habits and nutrition to see how diet, sleep and stress are affecting my WODs and life in general. WOD for those of you who don’t know is a CrossFit term meaning "workout of the day". Get familiar with it because it will be a part of your life from now on. 

I will be posting my WODs which will be lifted either from CrossFit BrandX or CrossFit King of Prussia. Sometimes I make them up as I go, but I don’t always have the mental capacity for that. I will also be posting my diet and maybe some recipes since my husband and I are pretty damn good cooks. We’ve recently, within the past 10 months, have gone Primal with a dab of Paleo on the side. Paleo is a way of eating that cuts out dairy, grains and sugar. It’s the best thing out there in terms of healthy eating. I just can’t get over my insane cheese addiction and go all the way. Primal is more meat and veggie based dishes in which we do allow ourselves the occasional slice of cheddar on the burger or a piece of pizza here and there. 

Another reason I started this blog was to convince and inspire or slowly intimidate everyone into at least trying to live a healthier life. People, we are fat. Well, I'm not fat anymore but most of us are. In fact I think I saw an article the other day that 60% of us are overweight. More than half. That is not good. So with that I'll end my rant with my notes for the day.

Breakfast: whole grain bagel thin w/butter and almond butter. Coffee, coffee, coffee.

3 rounds:
20 air squats
15 burpees
10- 15lb dumbbell lunges
20 situps
finished with 400m run

pt stretching

Lunch: 2 eggs w/mushrooms, spinach, ham, red bell pepper
Snack: coffee, coffee, almonds, dark chocolate
Dinner: will be marinated Flank steak with sweet potatoes and roasted veggies

Notes: burpees unbroken, situps unanchored, upper body hurting from bench presses, cleans and doing 125 pullups in the past 2-3 days. Had to make up own, no arm stuff today.