Sunday, October 30, 2011

October snow, say it ain't so

Well it snowed here this weekend. If there's one thing you should know about me it's this, I don't like snow. OK, the first snow of the season is cool and I'm all for sledding with the kids and skiing, if I get the opportunity, but snow and 27 degree temps on October 29th? Come on already. Anyway that made for a cold and challenging trail run this morning. We couldn't do our normal Mudder Training at Valley Forge Park since the roads were pretty bad at 6am so we went to our local park. We started out at a creek bridge which was flooded out. It was certainly passable but at 8:30 and 32 degrees, we decided we didn't want to start off the run with freezing feet so we drove to another part of the park and got started there. We picked up the paved path for a while and then headed off road. Lots of icy rocks and leaves to trip us up and there were also a ton of downed trees in our way but we just looked at it a natural obstacle course. Most of the run seemed like it was uphill and my legs were not feeling that early on. Once we got warmed up and got into a groove the next few miles went pretty smoothly and we did cross over the flooded bridge, we're not sissies afterall. Overall it was a good run. Not quite as challenging as VF Park but a good workout.

Saturday Bob and I did a killer WOD. Five rounds 6 rep ground to overhead at half bodyweight for me or 65 pounds, 12 pull ups and 18 double unders. Doesn't sound like much but after round two I was beat. Wouldn't have been so bad if I didn't suck at double unders. I mean, what purpose do double unders serve except to annoy me? I should know better by now that if something 'doesn't sound so bad' it's worse.

Finished the weekend off with good comfort food MDA recipe called Moussaka. If anyone has seen it on the site today, word of warning, it took quite a while to make and it's very involved but it was worth it.

jump rope
10x5# ohs

CFSB w4/d1
Deadlift - (deload week)
5x75, 95, 115#

CFSB w4/d2
Bench Press  - (deload week)
5x30, 40, 45#

Recon Ron Pull ups
Day 3: 3-2-2-1-1

Fat Jesus
5 rounds
6 GTO - 65#
12 Pull ups
18 Double unders

Mudder Training
5 mile trail run

*Notes - Felt good saturday morning, good wod, felt like I kept a good pace. DLs and BPs were light so no problems there at all. The run sunday was tough in the beginning, felt slow and heavy. Ate 1/2 bowl of oatmeal, wasn't feeling great. After about 1 mile felt better, warmed up. Ankles and knees a little achy after.

General Tip: I love Under Armor clothes but today I realized the $23 Champion thermal shirt worked just as well as the $60 UA.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Tabata butt kicking

Not sure why I felt so beat up during and after todays Tabata WOD. Maybe because the 20 second work and the laughable 10 second rest just completely kills me. I like the idea of it, short, fast endurance based, but it is exhausting. Maybe it's because I didn't eat and didn't sleep well who knows. I do have a lot on my plate this weekend again so the control freak in me is already overwhelmed and that I'm assuming affects my performance. Remember, this blog is a work in progress. It's for me to figure out why I feel fantastic one day and crappy the next. We all know stress, poor diet and poor sleep are significant factors in performance and motivation and I'm not too motivated to get anything done today period. But... and I hate to use something that sounds so cliche, but, I think one major ideas that CrossFit has taught me is that you just keep going and don't give up. I used to give up and say something was too hard, too painful, too whatever, but not anymore.

Saw the Ortho again yesterday for a follow up. He thinks I may have biceps tendonitis. Which my physical therapist told me about 2 months ago. I'm still having pain in the shoulder but more in the front where the bicep tendon is. I am making progress with my flexibility and overall pain is diminishing so we are on a 'wait and see' approach. Give it another 6 weeks or so and see how I'm feeling. If I'm feeling better then just keep doing what I'm doing, if not we do an MRI/X-ray and see whats what. I've done some research on my own and it sounds like it could be anything from tendonitis to a torn rotator cuff. I think after the Mudder I'm going to call and request an MRI and get it over with so we know for sure. Very frustrating.

Rest day
Recon Ron Pull ups
Day 2: 2-2-1-1-1

jump rope
10 walking lunges w/10# plate overhead

Tabata Something Else
8 rounds each, 20 second on, 10 second rest
Pull ups - 11-14-10-10-9-7-8-8= 77
Push ups - 12-11-9-8-7-7-5-5= 64
Sit ups - 10-10-10-9-9-9-9-8= 74
Squats - 15-14-15-13-12-11-11-12= 103
Total: 318

*Notes - not feeling it today. Push ups were very hard. Sit ups almost made me puke and the squats wrecked my legs. Last time I did this wod I scored 360. I'm willing to bet I used the green band for the pull ups so that would add some reps. This time I used the blue band. Slow progress but progress none the less.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Go forth young grasshopper

Wow. Just got finished today's WOD and it was a core killer. Actually a full body killer. It was slow going since there were some new movements today which focused more on core strength and they are always a weakness for me. The 'Grasshopper' beat me up. For this movement you have to touch your shins to your arms from a piked position. Yeah, my body just doesn't bend like that. The video makes it look easy enough but we all know how that goes. The athletes that do the video demos are hardcore and can probably do them in their sleep. For the average xfitter like me, they weren't pretty. But I got them done. The up and downs which can be described as the burpees lazy sister weren't that bad but still tough on the arms and core. My lower back felt everyone of those since I obviously didn't tighten up like I should have. Lesson learned.

My strength program is coming along. Today was shoulder press for me which is another weakness. My 1 rep max was 80 last time I did them, meaning I barely got one up. But today I was able to get 4 reps at 75#. I've never gotten any more than 2-3. I'm pretty sure I'm supposed to hit some sort of pr every time, which I am so I guess I'm making progress. I'm basically just following the program Bob put together for me based on my numbers, a lot of it I don't understand to be honest, but it's a proven system and I want to get stronger so I just check my chart and do what needs to be done. At first I thought that there was no way I could do strength and a metcon in one day but actually it's not that bad. My tolerance for pain and suffering has improved immensely over the past year.

Also started the Recon Ron pull up program today. My pull ups are a thorn in my side. I can do a few dead hang now but can't really do more than 2-3 at a time. When I first started CrossFit I couldn't pull myself up an inch so I've definitely made improvements there, I'm just not where I want to be with them yet. Hopefully this program will help me get to where I can do them in a metcon without assistance.

I've noticed recently I've been having a snacking problem. Some nights I'm in the kitchen picking at stuff 5-6 times. I'm not eating crap, but eating none the less. Probably need more calories during the day. I've fallen into the habit of not eating in the morning and just making a huge lunch which may be working against me. Funny how the more food I eat meaning a solid breakfast, good lunch and dinner the better I feel and the more weight I lose. I know, duh? Bob told me the strength program zaps a lot of calories so I'm probably not eating enough. Hmmmm, does this mean I can eat cheese steaks and Italian hoagies for lunch? Oh how I wish.

jump rope
10x25# plate squats

CFSB w3/d3
Back Squats
warmup: 5x60, 75, 3x90#
work: 5x110, 3x125, 1x140#(6)
last set max reps

left arm kettlebell swings - 20#
right arm kettlebell swings
pull ups - blue band assisted

jump rope
10x35# plate squats

CFSB w3/d4
Shoulder Press
warmup: 5x30, 40, 3x45
work: 5x60, 3x65, 1x75#(4)
last set max reps

Recon Ron Pull ups
day 1: 1-1-1-1-1

amrap 12 minutes:
30 second plank holds
10 up and downs
5 parallette pass thrus
10 grasshoppers

4 rounds + 30 sec plank hold + 8 up and downs

*Notes - need to practice grasshoppers. Not flexible enough. Parallettes ok forward, backwards tough. 75# shoulder press felt heavy today even though I ate some oatmeal for breakfast. Pull ups were ok, took about 30 sec-1 min in between.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Scary sites all around

Another busy weekend for the Chase household. Saturday we took the kids to the farm for the Pumpkin Festival and let me tell you, I was more horrified by the sheer mass (pun intended) of overweight families attending the festival this year than the actual Halloween attractions. Some were so frightening they were actually worth posting on Facebook for all to enjoy. While we were waiting for the pig races to start, there was a young woman sitting on a huge pumpkin in front of us. The scary part was the red thong hanging out of the top of her two sizes too small spandex pants. My friend joked that it looked like her ass was actually eating the pumpkin. It certainly did. Yikes. There was another child I saw, she couldn't be any older than 10 and looked to be bigger than me. I'm 130 pounds. Oh and I believe she was holding a soda in one hand and some sort of fried sugared treat in the other. I'm not trying to be mean but Jesus Christ people come on already, learn to say no. I'm all for letting kids have treats now and then but there has to be a limit. Kids learn from their parents and if the parents eat 4 pounds of funnel cake the kids will think that is OK. It's NOT! I couldn't tell you how many times I shuddered at the fact that there were more obese people in one area than not. Not chunky, not chubby, not big boned, obese. Obese to the point where the women cannot wear anything other than spandex. And let me tell you, that is not a pretty sight my friends. I understand it's not easy to change habits or to lose weight, we've all had our battles, but it's a battle you can win if you try. Sorry, I'll get off my soapbox now.

We did have some fun dragging two 6 year old girls thru the haunted house. Yes, literally dragged. It wasn't scary, all the lights were on and there were no people running around in there trying to scare you. It was totally kid friendly, with the exception of the creepy dolls that is. I did make my daughter look away but she couldn't. My 4 year old boy took five steps and turned around screaming. Maybe next year for chicken little. There were plenty of smelly animals, a funny pig race and over priced attractions like the monster truck ride. $6 a person for a 3 minute ride. No thank you. I was curious to try the corn and tomato shooters but it would be a nightmare with the kids. I could see it now, 'no Bud you can't shoot your sister!'.

Sunday I couldn't make the Mudder training since my daughter was coming down with a little cold, that was a bummer, but I did torture myself a bit by practicing some double unders. That's always a fun time. Fasting and active rest day today. Since it is a beautiful fall day I walked about 1.5 miles to the farm with my little guy.

10 air squats
10x25# plate squats

CFSB w3/d1:
warmup: 5x75, 95, 3x115#
work: 5x140, 3x160, 1x180#(4)
last set max reps

CFSB w3/d2:
Bench Press
warmup: 5x30, 35, 3x45#
work: 5x55, 3x60, 1x70#(12)
last set max reps

10x25# plate squats

Skill Day WOD:
3 rounds:
10 OHS - 45#
50 Double unders

Active Rest Day - 1.5 mile walk

*Notes - Since I was supposed to do the Mudder training sunday I did 2 strength days on saturday. Couldn't go so did a skill day instead. Not focused on time, made sure ohs's were great form and depth, practiced dus. Got 20 in a row. Shoulder ok throughout ohs.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Run Forrest Run

Another running WOD today. Not that I actually did the other 2 yet since I'm on a different schedule now with the strength stuff. I think it's been about 3-4 in the past week. Yuck. I used to love to run but now, not so much. I think I burned myself out last year when I was running 10-15 miles a week. In fact, that is definitely it. Todays workout was run 200m do 20 of this, run 200m do 20 of that... you get my drift, 4 times and 3 rounds of it. It wasn't the most challenging workout, but proved to be a great test of stamina of which I had during... but now, not so much. I've had 4 cups of coffee and am about to try a Monster Revive, resuscitate, reborn, relive, whatever lemonade and tea mix drink to help me get thru the rest of the day.

Today's workout looked like it would be a tough one considering when I checked out everyone else's time on my forum they were coming in at 30-45 minutes. Ouch, this is going to be a long one. But then when I started I thought by the end of round 2 that yeah, it does kinda suck but not as much as I expected. Although I only did 3 rounds instead of 5. Had I done 2 more I would have actually thrown up in the street rather than just feel like I was going to for about an hour after I was done. It was one of those sneaky workouts, kinda like chinese food, it always comes back to bite you later.

Another busy weekend. Tomorrow heavy deadlifts in the am, meeting a friend and taking kids to the farm for some Halloween fun then Sunday another Mudder training. I'm tired already.

No breakfast.
Brunch: (after wod) eggs w/beef, kale, shrooms and tomatoes
Dinner: will be tuna steaks w/mango, avocado, lime, cilantro salsa, acorn squash, broccoli rabe.

Not much, squats, stretching

3 rounds:
20 push ups
20 pull ups
20 sit ups
20 squats


*Notes - felt pretty good. Paced myself pretty well. Everything was unbroken except for the pull ups which I used the blue band. Wiped out and nauseous after. Could have pushed thru 5 rounds had I had more time and had eaten a good breakfast.

Food Tip: Need another way to cook veggies? Try roasting them. Cut and lay them out on a cookie sheet, drizzle with olive oil, s&p. Roast @425 about 10-15 min. I usually mix things like, carrots, peppers, broccoli, onions, green beans etc.. Just keep an eye on them since they cook quick.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

I'm not sleeping, I'm looking at the inside of my eyelids

I wasn't sure what I was going to post about today then it hit me when my son said to me 'mommy I want you to keep your eyes open'. My response was 'dude, I'm trying my best'. Need. More. Coffee. Some days I really struggle to stay awake. It's usually around 2-3pm that I notice it. A majority of the days I set the alarm on my watch to make sure I'm awake before my daughter gets off the bus. You just never know. I've been known to be awake one minute and then snoring for 15. Maybe CrossFit makes you narcoleptic. I did do burpees (yay burpees!) today. Burpee box jumps actually. Just when you think they suck enough, there's always someone out there making them suck even more.

Back to my narcolepsy. CrossFit may be a little sadistic. Sometimes more than a little. I mean, the idea behind it is to make you stronger, fitter and enhance your overall endurance to get stuff done. To get thru life and be active. At least, that is my impression. On any given day a WOD will kick your ass to the point where you need to A) throw up, B) collapse, C) feel like you're going to throw up or D) take a nap. Doesn't anyone see the irony here? The very thing that is supposed to be making us stronger is actually draining us. No it's not all the time, but I can say 75% of the time I'm wiped and/or sore. Why do I keep doing this to myself? Because the other 25% feels awesome. There are those days when I feel like I can keep going, I get everything accomplished that I set out to do AND do it while maintaining a happy and positive mood. They may be rare but they are priceless.

Breakfast: oatmeal w/flax, peanut butter, coconut, walnuts.
Lunch: greek yogurt, almonds, turkey, hummus, grapes.
Dinner: will be sauteed chicken/spinach sausage w/collard greens, onion, mushrooms, raddichio and yellow peppers.

shoulder/hip mobility stretching

CFSB w2/d4:
Shoulder Press
warmup: 5x30, 40, 45#
work: 3x55, 60, 70#(5)
last set max reps

15, 12, 9
Burpee Box Jumps
Push Press - 65#

*Notes - shoulder felt good on shoulder presses. 5@70 is good considering my 1rm is 80. (i think, have to check the board). wod was challenging, had to break up presses, burpees unbroken. Overall felt good. Dinner last night was a ton of meat and veggies.

Food Tip: Try split chicken breasts with the bone and skin. Season w/s&p, lemon slices and rosemary sprigs under the skin and grill. You'll never eat boring plain breasts again. And they are meatier and cheaper!

Grilled Chicken Recipe

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

MMA aka face punching

Wednesday, my favorite night of the week. It's The Ultimate Fighter night which means MMA will be on for about 3 hours before the show starts. We love face punching in our house. Well, my 6 year old daughter doesn't appreciate it as much as the rest of us, but I'm hoping the more we force her to watch it the more she will like it. Maybe it's because after about 15-20 minutes of it her 4 year old brother starts practicing his moves on her. At that point it wouldn't be unusual to hear one of us saying "go for the arm bar Bud!" or "Hey you missed the rear naked choke!" It's all in good fun and we always put a stop to it when someone starts crying. If anyone is thinking what horrible parents we are, at least we are teaching our children to get some exercise and defend themselves rather than be the fat kid that gets bullied. OK, thats not the sole reason, but it sounded good.

I'm finding out that sometimes CrossFit gets in the way of life. You heard me. I may be a stay at home mom but I'm busy and a control freak so every minute is pretty much scheduled out. It has to be that way. And the morning is scheduled around the WOD. So once that is done regardless of how much time it takes and/or how much time it takes me to recover, then I can get on with my day and sometimes that means I can't get everything done. I'm not complaining about it, it's just a fact of life I'm learning to deal with. I would rather get my workout in and feel good and keep to my schedule rather than skip a day because I have to go food shopping or to the doctors. Once I miss a WOD, or have a change in plans, I feel lousy and out of sync. Then it's hard to get back on track. The holidays are the hardest. My challenge will come Thanksgiving week when my parents come up from Florida for the week. Between wanting to spend time with them, my daughter being home from school, cooking Turkey day dinner, I'm going to be a disaster if I can't keep my WOD schedule and that means pushing life aside regardless of the consequences for an hour a day. Yeah, doesn't sound hard but we all know it can be challenging and thats what makes xfitters different. Any other time I would chalk the week up to 'hey it's a holiday' and do nothing but eat, drink and feel sluggish and fat. NOT this year my friends. And while I'm on the topic of holidays, the big calorie killer is coming up next weekend. Halloween. I'm going to try my best to buy non chocolate treats this year for the kids. They may not like it but hell, I'm trying to save them from a lifetime of insulin shots. And shit, I don't need all that temptation in the house. We'll have enough junk from the all the kids candy. I have to find the houses that give away almonds and dark chocolate. Hmmm.

No WOD today for me. Been 4 days plus physical therapy workout last night, need a day off.

Brunch was eggs w/ground turkey, peppers, tomatoes. Snack, cereal bar, almonds and coffee.  Dinner will be coffee marinated flank steak and bacon, apple brussle sprouts.


jump rope

CFSB w2/d3
Back Squat
warmup: 5x60, 75, 95#
work: 3x105, 120, 135(11)
last set max reps

5 rounds:
7 rep squat clean - 45#
14 rep kettlebell swings - 25#


5 min treadmill jog
30 alternating grip assisted pull ups
15 physio ball push ups
10 9# ohs

*Notes - felt great on the squats. Got a new pr @135. Never done more than 5, if that. Also killed the wod, was light since I did strength stuff, was sore and had pt. Didn't want to kill myself. Shoulder is killing me today. Must be from the cleans.

Food Tip: Try uncured bacon. It's not as salty as regular but it is sweeter and smokier. Excellent. I get the 'Open Nature' brand, steroid, hormone and antibiotic free pork. And it's not any more expensive than regular.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Mudder Effer

My title could be used to describe any part of my weekend since it was one of those weekends where you need an extra day off to recover. Saturday went just as expected when you are on the move from 12 until 8pm with a 4 year old who ate birthday cake for lunch, missed his nap and crapped his pants.... twice. And then there was all the deliciously tempting sugary calorie laden foods screaming at me. I did treat myself to a small piece of homemade brownie, banana bread and a pastry cookie. Dinner was OK, left out the bread on the brat and saurkrat 'sandwiches', had some vinegar based slaw and a tablespoon of German potato salad. Bob convinced me it was OK since it had bacon in it. How could I refuse. After all that food and a single beer, I was done. I could have had a piece of butter cake and pretzels dipped in cinnamon sugar whipped butter but I just couldn't bare the consequences. It's all good going down but I couldn't afford to feel like shit again the next day with the mudder training at 6 am.

Speaking of that. What an awesome workout that was. Got to Valley Forge Park at 6:15 am, it was dark, windy and pretty chilly. Once everyone got there we started off by dragging the tire a few times as a little warmup then we took off on a dark and ankle twisting trail run. Walked along some railroad tracks to practice balance then back onto the trail to a pretty step hill where we had to carry a large rock up and down, twice. Ran some more then came to a memorial stone about 6.5' high. There we practiced getting up and over safely and how to help each other get over since the actual wall at the race will be at least double the height. Another run down to the park rest area where we stopped to rest, stretch and do about 100 various style push ups and 25 dips. Bob and I suggested starting off with 10 burpees. Not everyone was happy with that. Snicker snicker. From there we walked down the ramps which had hand rails that were perfect for pull ups. Then down to the bottom where we needed to learn how to hop a fence. I can't tell you the last time I hopped over a fence but I did it pretty easily. After that up and down some stairs 4 times.

Then my friends, the fun began. Belly crawl thru a cold shallow rocky creek. Did I mention it was cold? I wasn't the first one but I sucked it up and got it over with pretty quickly. Think I let few f bombs fly, unsure since my body and brain went into shock. Second time wasn't as bad but the rocks were hard on the knees and elbows. I'm pretty bruised up today. Once we all got thru that, off running again. Let me tell you it's not fun running in wet clothes and shoes. I was freezing. After a mile or so we came up to the river in which we had to cross. It was about waist high for me until I fell. The bank was so muddy my foot got completely stuck and I lost my balance. Holy hell it was cold but at this point we were already wet and cold so it wasn't quite as bad this time. After I got out and started running again my hands and feet were so numb it was painful. Gotta keep moving though onto the 'rock wall'. This was a large rock pile on the side of a mountain. It was very steep and the footing was a challenge since the rocks were loose. Happy to say I scaled it pretty well but that was tough. It was really high. More running up to another part of the creek, crossed that then on to the switch backs, uphill. That was killer. My legs were burning at this point. Once we got to the top I think we ran down to another paved trail that led up to this beautiful old church. It was probably a 2 mile run. Once we all met at the church we took our shoes off and ran the last 3/4 mile or so barefoot. I'm NOT a big fan of this and am not sure why our team leader made us do this other than to just torture us. I may have missed some things, it was a long 6 miles and took us about 4 hours all together.

CrossFit has definitely gotten me prepared for this race. Endurance and strength wise, I felt great. I even beat some of the boys at the different check points. It was a tough workout but I will say this, there are some 30 minute hero WODS that wrecked me more than what I did yesterday. CrossFit is no joke thats for sure.

CFSB w2/d1
warmup: 5x75, 95, 115#
work: 3x130, 150, 170#(6)
last set max reps

Mudder training 6 miles, 4 hours


CFSB w2/d2
Bench Press:
warmup: 5x30, 35, 45#
work: 3x50, 60, 65#(11)
last set max reps

*Notes - Metcon rest day today (monday). Hips and knees sore. Chest sore from push ups. Need the extra rest. No breakfast. Had oatmeal before mudder training on sunday, needed food by mile 6. Bring GU to race.

Friday, October 14, 2011

I'm a wimp

Well, I got sucked into one more week of pt. Eh, I don't want to talk about it. I actually took a rest day from exercise today but it was a blur of halloween stores and costume searching for me. I did however manage to pick up some classy striped pirate and skull knee highs on my journey today so it wasn't a complete loss. I must be going thru some sort of mid life crisis. Anyway, got the kids costumes out of the way. Only took me 3 hours and 90 random halloween costume sites to find the elusive Rapunzel. Every 6 year old girls dream this year I guess. At least she didn't pick the slutty teen vampire costume.

Not much else to say, busy weekend ahead between two parties tomorrow and my first team mudder training on sunday at 6am. Should be a good day for it at least. Will post the details if I can lift my arms.

Dinner tonight should be another good one, marinated salmon, tomato cucumber olive feta salad. Recipe is on Food Lovers Primal Palate.

Have a good one.

Food Tip: If you eat tuna fish kill the mayo and mix it with guacamole or just crushed avocado and a little lemon, s&p. Avocado is considered a good fat.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thank you little lambs everywhere

I made the best freaking tacos last night and they were pretty carb and paleo friendly and loaded with protein. If you are a full on paleoite than you would have to cut out the greek yogurt. They were greek tacos, made with lamb, tzatiki which is shredded cucumber, mint, garlic and greek yogurt, and a tomato cucumber relish in oregano and red wine vinegar and oil. I served them on big green leaf lettuce leaves to cut out the carbs from the tortillas to make it ultra friendly. If you've never had lamb before or are afraid to make it because all you see in your head is cute little fluffy white baby animals, get over it. They are tasty. If you've wanted to try it but just never came across a friendly recipe, this is it. You may have a hard time finding ground lamb. Our local store doesn't carry it all the time. Maybe I just didn't notice it until I actually wanted to buy some that it wasn't always available but after weeks of stalking the meat department with hungry eyes, some packages finally appeared and I grabbed one up faster than a grandma buying a $1 pair of pants at a flea market.

I can't take total credit for the recipe. It came from a link from a link from site I follow FB. Blah, I hate to rely on FB for anything other than reminding me when everyones birthdays are but I guess it has it's perks at times. It's from food network via US Wellness meats. The cook used some fresh grass fed lamikins from US Wellness in his recipe. Now I've always shied away from cooking or eating any animals that may be involved in cute loving children's books. Especially now that I have kids and have to read all those boring lame stories every day. I didn't like the idea of eating something cute. Cows, chickens, pigs and turkeys are not cute. I have no problem sending them to slaughter. But a lamb, deer, or heaven forbid the baby cow, no way. Not until I learned to cook that is. No, I haven't cooked deer, but would love to if I had a reliable hunter that needed to get rid of extra meat. My neighbor when I was a kid used to hunt deer with a bow. A crossbow actually, and it was cool. No he wasn't part native american, just liked the challenge. Anyway, he used to bring them home and hang them, cut open with insides removed and/or falling out from the beams of his carport. Those of you unfamiliar with what a carport is think of it as a garage with one wall. You could park your car under it but most people used it as a porch or a place to store old shit they couldn't part with. After seeing a dead bloody dear hanging from a rope every hunting season you think I would have become a vegetarian. No, that was against Italian law. If I didn't eat sausage and meatballs I would be banished from the family. Not that you really had to twist my arm.

Now that I got side tracked with killing animals my point to the story is... was, lamb, if cooked properly with a great recipe it can make a fabulous meal. Don't be afraid to try something new. Oh and the lettuce wraps are a great way to cut out the extra calories and carbs, just try to get big leaves and bring plenty of napkins to the table.

*I subbed the lettuce leaves and did 1/2 the recipe for 2 people. Also, when it says remove the lamb and cook the onions in the fat, drain some of the fat off. It is way too much.

Fingers crossed tonight I have the courage to cut my physical therapist loose.

No breakfast. Lunch after WOD was chicken sausage w/kale, shrooms and raddichio. Dinner will be whole grain spaghetti w/turkey meatballs.

5x45# front squats

WOD 1:
Tabata Double Unders
8 rounds of 20 seconds, 10 second rest. Only count lowest score.
8, 12, 13, 11, 11, 11, 18, 9 = 8

WOD 2:
Front Squats

*Notes - energy level felt great this morning. du's sucked as usual. Too much pressure tabata style, couldn't find a rhythm at first. Front squats felt great. Should have tried for 145. Beat my previous 1rm of 135. Must have been all the protein last night.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I am banged up

For the life of me I can't get the hang of the muscle up. This is a muscle up performed by one of my favorite MMA athletes BJ Penn. The video was done in 2008 and I was surprised by two things, BJ Penn with hair and the fact that he actually struggled to get the 5th. Now, if BJ Penn struggled on this movement how in the hell am I going to ever get this? Anyway, practice practice practice which is what I did today. And I am paying the price. My shoulder is screaming sore right now. Something about the muscle up, I guess in the transition for me since I'm weak at dips, just aggravates my shoulder tremendously. To add insult to injury, literally I guess, I had to do hand stand push ups. I went with progressions today since I was already sore, feet on the weight bench, body in a V position. I almost smashed my face, again, after the first five when my shoulder gave out. Did I stop, nah. Suck it up, regroup and do a few more until I hit 20. Sickness.

The body can only take so much stress before it breaks down. I think thats where I'm at today. Everything is sore. My core is sore from the damn 'rotations' and sit ups with the 20lb medicine ball, my legs are sore from squats, my jaw and neck are sore from catching the wall balls awkwardly (at least I think thats what its from), my chest hurts from bench presses and my upper back from pull ups. Am I complaining though? OK maybe a little, but at least I know it will only last a day... or two,  if I don't rest. Side note, as I was posting this I checked my strength schedule because it would be annoying to take a rest day tomorrow when I was supposed to do a workout. That would completely throw me off for the rest of the week and being the control freak I am, I can't have that. Basically what it will come down to is how I feel tomorrow when I wake up. Most cf'ers are used to being a little sore or achey, and most of the time we can get thru it. I'm not stupid about it or 'pigheaded' as its referred to on my xfit forum. I listen to my body and know when I need to rest. That is one of the most important aspects of fitness. Listening to your body, knowing when you can push yourself and when you just need to stop. I always tease about how cf'ers can't stop. Thats not always true, we can stop, we just don't like to.

Don't force yourself to exercise if you're sore or rundown. That will only get you hurt. Sometimes we need to be reminded it is OK to just relax.

No breakfast. Oatmeal w/flax, coconut, walnuts, raw honey and bananas after WOD.
Lunch: turkey, hummus, protein ball, coffee.
Snack: almonds, cereal bar
Dinner: will be greek tacos. Lamb, tomatoes, cucs, tzatziki, lettuce wrap.

jump rope
10xbroomstick snatch practice

Strength: w1/d4
Shoulder Press
warmup: 5x30, 5x40, 5x45#
work: 5x50, 5x60, 7x65#
last set max reps

10 muscle up progressions - w/green band
15 knees to elbows
20 hand stand push up progressions - feet on bench
25 ring rows
30 pull ups (should have been push ups)

8:34 (last time 14 min, but did L sit holds, hspu's and pushups)

*Notes - legs felt heavy, tight even after yoga stretches. Neck tight. Shoulder was hurting on the presses. 65 felt heavy today. Max is 80 so not sure whats up with that. MU progressions suck, couldn't get thru more than 5 hspu progressions at a time, ring rows and pull ups were exhausting. Could no food this am and light dinner last night be it? Had few small pieces of chicken, some spinach and a few parsnips. Slept relatively well.

Health Tip: Make sure you're not taking too many vitamins or supplements. Those of us who are starting to eat healthier, ie more veggies and meats maybe getting enough iron, calcium, b6 etc from our food. Extra vitamins may do you more harm than good. Do some research on what you take vs what you eat. Also try (pretty sure it's free) Log a few days of meals and they will give you a breakdown.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Breaking up is hard to do

I have to break up with my physical therapist. Just the thought of bringing it up to him makes me uneasy. How do I say I think it's time you let me go? Do I go the 'I have too much on my plate and just can't fit it into the schedule anymore' route? What if he says well then we'll do it this day or that day? Do I wimp out and blame it on the orthopedist and tell him Dr X told me I should be done with therapy after this last visit. Which is the truth by the way. I'm seriously stressed about it. I don't like confrontation and avoid it at all costs.

The reason I'm seeing a physical therapist is because I had some shoulder pain that started last year or so. It was so bad I could barely sleep at night so I went to see a physical therapist to see if he could help me out. He immediately thought I had a torn or damaged rotator cuff. The symptoms are exact to what I was feeling. If you don't know anything about rotator cuff injuries, they do not heal themselves. You need surgery to fix a tear. Or you can go without and learn how to manage it through therapy which is what I was basically doing. At least thats what we thought. So over the course of 3 months he taught me how to manage the pain, how to use my back and chest muscles properly without causing stress on the shoulder. He is a CrossFit trainer so he completely understood me when I said I wasn't going to just stop doing what I love. I'll just work around it. So I did. I continued with modified WODs and just kept on going even though there were days I couldn't lift my arm up. I know, sickness. Then I saw the Orthopedist and he told me I don't have a tear, I have adhesive capsulitis. It's basically a bunch of tissue that probably got damaged from overwork or a trauma (possibly a misguided clean, overhead squat or pull up) thats bunched up under my shoulder blade causing pain when I move my arm in certain directions. It's a very odd injury in that it can come on whenever, mainly in women around 40, and it will go away by itself. Without intervention it could take 2 years to completely go away. With proper therapy it could still take quite a few months. That is where I am. I got a steroid shot and now I have a few extra warmup stretches I do every day. My point to all that rambling was that I feel like my therapist has taken me as far as I can go at this point. I've learned all I need to know about how to manage my pain and get on with my workouts. I guess it's hard because he's a nice guy, we have a lot of things in common between CrossFit and cooking... And I think I may be his first client that is under 80 and doesn't have a hip fracture so I think he's happy to torture me with cf style sessions when I'm there. This Thursday should be my last visit if I have the balls to end it that is.

No breakfast. Lunch after WOD was eggs w/beef, peppers tomatoes. Protein ball snack. Coconut water.

jump rope

Strength: week 1, day 3
Back Squats
warmup: 5x60, 5x75, 5x90#
work: 5x95, 5x110, 9x125#
last set max reps

Cleans, bar facing burpees
15, 12, 9, 6, 3
45# squat clean
bar facing burpees

9:01 (yay burpees!)

*Notes - Probably could have done more on the 125 squats but was afraid I would get stuck on the squat. Must learn to not be afraid to dump from back. WOD was good, needed to stay under 10 minutes. Burpees unbroken! Next cleans that come up move up to 65. Overall felt good. Steak and veggies last night did the trick. Tonight chicken roaster w/squash and sauteed spinach.

Food Tip: Try unsweetened shredded coconut. NOT that sugary crap in the store. Find a health food store, Trader Joes, Whole Foods or order it online. I add it to everything, oatmeal, deserts, yogurt, paleo friendly 'bread crumbs' for meats. It's a nice little tasty treat.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Functional strength at it's best

Today I was able to move a 200+ pound china cabinet. Obviously empty, but still, by myself across the room on carpet no less! Everyone knows what a pain in the ass it is to move heavy furniture on carpet. Yay CrossFit! I would have never even thought of moving it let alone actually doing it by myself last year. OK, I'll admit, it was pretty stupid. I could have hurt myself. Could have. But I didn't. You know why? Because I know how to lift and move heavy stuff properly by not using my back like most people do, but by using my legs (thanks to all the squats) and my core, (thanks to all the knees to elbows).

CrossFit is all about functional strength. To get you ready for anything. Including a zombie apocalypse. Just sayin. You never know. Why else would they teach you how to climb a rope, carry buckets of heavy stuff, sprint, push a car or run while carrying someone on your back, right? Zombies aren't smart enough to climb up a rope after you. And how about heavy buckets filled with spare water or ammo? Sprinting, come on, you need to run fast or at least faster than your human counterparts. Or maybe you have to push your car to the nearest gas station or a fellow human was injured and you had to carry him or her. But only if they weren't bitten. Be smart. Functional strength. Thats what its about people. Don't know how I transitioned from furniture moving to zombies, maybe its the lack of food today. Monday=fasting day. Maybe I had too much coffee or I'm stoked about the return of 'The Walking Dead' this weekend who knows but I've got a feeling I can outrun a zombie and smash a head in if needbe. Love CrossFit.

No WOD for me today. Back on the horse tomorrow with the strength stuff and a short metcon. Tonight marinated rib eye and sauteed veggie stir fry. NO RICE. NO PASTA. Can't give in and ruin a good fast day.

Side note - the protein ball recipe was from MDA. Didn't want to rip off a good recipe and not give the credit to where it's due.

Exercise tip: When doing squats, remember to sit back on the heels and keep the knees tracking outward not in. Tracking in will cause damage and pain.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Quads of fire

Holy squats. I can't be sure but this past week I've done close to 400 squats. Needless to say my legs are feelin the burn and getting down the stairs has proven to be a difficult and painful task at times. And to top it off today I added a mini duathalon which is a bike ride and run. Some days I just can't help myself and today I felt like I had to keep going, even after a strength workout and a short but tough lady metcon. I'm sure in about an hour, I'll be wishing for a nap. Luckily the Cowboys don't play today so it will be a nice relaxing football Sunday for once.

I'm really loving the weekend workouts lately. Bob and I have been coordinating our WODs the past few weekends so we have each other to compete against for a little fun. For me I like having him there to keep me honest, to tell me I'm doing something wrong, or right, to push me when I want to give up. If you've never worked out with anyone, try it, it's very motivating. No one cares what you look like, or smell like or what you're wearing so get over it. IF people do stare it's because they are in awe, unless you do something completely stupid like smack yourself in the face with a wall ball. Because of the Friday night Patron, I wasn't in the mood for a metcon and my legs were so sore but Bob said come on and do some deadlifts with me. Real innocent sounding. OK, I think I can handle that. Little did I know I started a strength training program yesterday. I ended up getting a new PR for my max rep so it was a good workout.

Didn't get a chance to post yesterday since the day just got away from me. I hate those days, I feel like I was busy all day but I don't remember what I did. I do remember my 6 year old doing a 3 round metcon of her own making. She is a tough little kid and I love that she thinks exercise is fun.

Bob found this article on grains and why they are bad for you and why I probably felt like crap the other day.

Weekend warrior work

400m run
mobility stretches

Strength: Deadlifts
warmup: 5x75, 5x95, 3x115#
work: 5x125, 5x140, 5x160, 8x160#(PR)
Last set was max to form failure. Never did more than 5 at that weight. Happy day.

Tire WOD:
25m overhead press
25m squat and pull

20 sit up and throw w/20# med ball
20 rotations w/20# med ball

Strength: Bench press
warmup: 5x35, 5x40, 5x45#
work: 5x50, 5x55, 19x60#
Last set was max reps.

AMRAP in 10 minutes:
5 pull ups
10 push ups
15 squats

7 rounds + 5 pull ups + 10 push ups

5 mile bike ride
1 mile run (about 9 min)

*Notes - bench press felt good, light weight today, just need practice overall. Still shaky. Pull ups were all blue band assisted. Run was tough, legs were toast. Needed more water.

Recipe: Protein balls.

1/2 cup walnuts, almonds, cashews (whatever nuts you have, even pumpkin seeds)
1/2 cup flax seed meal (optional)
7-8 pitted dates
1 tbsp Coconut crystals (optional)
1 tbsp ground coffee (optional, but awesome)
1-2 tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder
1/4 cup unsweetened shredded coconut
2-3 tbsp coconut oil

Blend nuts and flax in a food processor until finely ground and remove from bowl. Chop dates until small chunks then add the nut mix back in, add coffee, coconut crystals, cocoa powder, shredded coconut and pulse to mix.

Pour mix into a medium bowl and add coconut oil and mix with hands. Squish together to make balls. You can roll them in additional cocoa or shredded coconut. Put in fridge for a while to firm up. Store in fridge. You can basically add anything you want to this, but the idea is healthy and no grains or processed sugars.

Friday, October 7, 2011

You know it's a good WOD when...

You almost break your nose and are bleeding from being whipped by failed double unders. Todays WOD included wall ball shots. Since I got the new 20# ball for Bob the other day, I decided to use it. Mistake? Maybe. Not that it was heavy per se, but between my arms being shot from the overhead squats and the overall girth of the ball, it certainly didn't make it easy. In the second of four rounds I guess I hesitated just that split second and the ball came down on my forehead/nose, luckily I was able to move a tiny bit so it wasn't a complete face smash. Ok, maybe it was, but at least it didn't hurt. Dynamax 1, Karen 0.

Double unders. The bane of every... OK 90% of CrossFitters existence. I can finally string about 10-15 together but not all the time and certainly not consecutively. For those of you who don't know what a double under is, it's jumping rope but turning the rope two times each time. Yeah, it's hard. It's certainly not for the uncoordinated. It takes a lot of practice. Without practice you get whipped and it hurts like a son of a bitch. I was actually bleeding today since my fails tend to bring the rope either across the top of my left hand or on my left butt cheek. And because I have a wire rope and it's frayed a bit, the sharp metal scratches up my right calf.

Why do we beat ourselves up like that? Because we know it all pays off in the end. Every bloody shin, broken blister and sore muscle is a reminder of how hard you worked. And honestly, what do you expect to gain without hard work and suffering. Exercise should not be easy all the time, if it is you're doing something wrong.

Feeling much better today, mentally and physically. Got back on the horse yesterday with my meals which were scrambled eggs with ham, collard greens, mushrooms and some pico. Some raw almond butter, turkey and greek yogurt. Dinner was tilapia with roasted carrots, peppers, brussel sprouts and tomatoes. All clean, no starch or sugars. What a difference a day makes.

Breakfast: oatmeal w/pb, bananas, walnuts

hip/shoulder mobility
10xbroomstick OHS

WOD (from Pat Sherwood)
4 rounds:
30 double unders
20 overhead squats (75/55) - 45#
15 wall ball
10 burpees
(2-3 minute rest between rounds)

26:42 which includes 7 minutes rest

*Notes - Overhead squats felt good @ 45, don't think I could have done 50 since shoulder was tweaky overhead today. Wall balls were tough, couldn't find a rhythm, ball is wider than other, hard to grip and not used to 20#. Burpees unbroken, OHS broken once @10 in 3rd round only.

Food Tip: Try coconut oil. It's about the same calorie and fat content of EVOO and vegetable oil with the exception of the polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats, where coconut oil is lower. The difference is the bodies ability to break down the coconut oil, it's easier on our pancreas and better overall for our cholesterol. Google it to get the specifics.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Tired, sluggish, unmotivated?

Anyone else feel this way? I can tell you why, at least, I can explain why I feel this way today, white rice and deep fried chicken. Yep. Bob's birthday dinner of Crispy Orange Chicken over jasmine rice. Don't get me wrong, it is a fabulous recipe. Better than any Chinese restaurant can make although it is not the healthiest of meals. But it was a special occasion and we were allowing ourselves a treat. Bob and I have been eating pretty clean for about a year now. That means staying away from the whites and starches which include flour, bread, grains and rice. We've obviously cut out greasy, fried and heavily buttered foods, cream sauces, added sugars and anything processed. Most dinners are grilled meat or fish and veggies. Now, lets get one thing straight, I will and still do eat an english muffin with almond butter for breakfast once a week. I will eat pizza and the occasional left over french fries (from the kids meals) and a plate full of spaghetti and meatballs. I'm not saying I went crazy in the past year, I've just finally found my happy medium.

As you may have read in my past few days posts, I've been feeling great. I've been having good workouts and even went 4 days without a rest day. That is attributed to the fact that I have been eating well balanced clean meals and good healthy snacks. Last night I had chicken deep fried in peanut oil, covered with an orange, soy, ginger based sauce. Not too bad right, well, the sauce had a half cup of brown sugar in it too. There goes my no added sugar rule. All that was served over white Jasmine rice. Another rule broken. The moment I finished eating I felt like I was going to pass out or explode. And I felt uncomfortable all night. This morning I feel tired, slow, lazy and have no motivation to get anything done. Why? Because my body isn't used to processing all the starch and fat and excess sugar. I can't explain the specifics between glucose levels, sugar conversion and energy levels but I can certainly feel it today. Lesson learned. Stay away from bad stuff and you will feel good. Simple right?

Now to the desert. My saving grace to the calorie laden dinner. Apple crisp. Granny apples covered in cinnamon, flax seed meal, maple syrup, coconut flour and walnuts. Oh with coconut milk ice cream on the side. It was delicious and pretty much guilt free. Why didn't I go all out and just make apple pie and serve it with full fat vanilla ice cream? Because I would physically not be able to get out of bed this morning.

We need to get smart about what we put in our bodies. Track what you eat and how you feel, even for a few days and you will notice a difference.

No WOD for me today. Taking a rest day since lack of motivation and energy would only get me hurt. I do have tons of yard work to do so its not like I actually get to rest.

Health Tip: Cut out one evil food for a week. Sugars (no artificial sweetners either), dairy (eggs are ok), bread and for the love of god, ANYTHING processed.

RIP Steve Jobs. Terrible loss for anyone who has ever touched an Apple product.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Two words, candied bacon

Yes thats right fellow pork lovers. Bacon covered in maple syrup and a sprinkle of brown sugar baked in the oven. It will make you weak in the knees its that good. I made that last night as a pre birthday treat for Bob. Today is his birthday and how better to celebrate than with a new Dynamax 20# medicine ball, a speed rope and a paleo friendly desert. I'll post the desert tomorrow since I want it to be a surprise.

Today since I have a ton of stuff to do I decided to get my WOD in before I ate. There are several articles I read that exercising before a meal is a good way to burn off any fat that was stored since the body doesn't have anything else to use. I don't do it that often since my habit is to eat first, get the kids fed and ready for school, get some quick housework stuff done then exercise. And I had it in my head that my performance suffers when I haven't eaten. Hopefully I'll learn from my blog posts, which is the real point to all of my rambling, how I perform with or without food and what causes me to feel fantastic thru one workout and why I have absolutely no motivation during another. I'm willing to bet its in my head for the most part since I felt pretty damn good this morning. My WOD blew on Sunday but it wasn't lack of nutrition, rest or time, it was because I hate the snatch movement and already decided I couldn't or didn't want to do it. The mind is the most powerful muscle in the body. (well, is it actually a muscle?) I don't know, but you know what I mean. So put the negativity aside and go out and kick some ass today. 

HUGE shout out to The Food Lovers Primal Palate for the bacon recipe. It is the shit.

hip and shoulder mobility stretches

5 rounds:
3 Handstand push ups
6 Chest to bar pull ups
12 walking lunge steps w/25# dumbbells


*Notes - Day 4 no rest. No breakfast. Pull ups were green band assisted, needed the extra help to get chest up to the bar. Initial get up for the HSPUs hurt shoulder, some not full ROM. Lunges were tough but totally doable. Raise pounds next time. Turkey meatloaf, sweet pots and brussle sprouts for dinner last night.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Alright tire its you and me.

Today is supposed to be a rest day for me. I know, seems like I just had one. I'm on a 3 day on 1 day off schedule for the most part. 'For the most part' refers to if there are a few WODs in a row that completely kicked my ass and I'm really sore, I'll do a 2 day on 1 day off. Anyway, today was all about trying out some new moves with the tire. Bob found a few cool workouts from some college wrestling coach online and was up at 6am to get his workout in. When I woke at 7 and came downstairs, there was a gleam in his eye, sweat on the floor and a grin on his face as he says "Wow, I'm glad we took that thing home." Now I'm jacked. Rest day schmest day.

So I suit up in my favorite purple and black Queen t-shirt and running pants. I was going to just run today since technically I should be training for the Tough Mudder but hey, dragging a tire around can't hurt, it's still training. With the rings attached to the rope... which proved to be great handles for the tire, I did a few laps of these overhead style pulls, squat pulls and baseball swings. I'm guessing the distance was 30' each time. Not sure if it was the pasta and turkey meatballs we had for dinner last night, but I felt great. Strong. It was a good workout to say the least, challenging and fun. Next time I'll have to go a little farther and do a few burpees, squats or box jumps in between and make a real metcon out of it.

I did get a few stares from the stroller moms, you know, the ones that suit up and talk on the phone while pushing the stroller? Yeah, thats right I'm dragging a tire down the street on a rope so what of it!

Yoga stretches (downward dog, chattaranga)
10 hand release push ups
400m jog
10xbroomstick OHS

w/86# tire
3 x 30' overhead push (arms straight, dragging tire behind)
1 x 30' squat and pull
2x 30' baseball swing (pulling across the body like a baseball swing)

2x10 second sprints

Not sure how to explain the workouts, but you can search youtube for tire pull exercises and find a ton of cool stuff to do... if you have a tire or small child you can drag around.

Food Tip: If you can't pronounce it, you shouldn't be eating it.

Monday, October 3, 2011

The big IF

There are a lot of big 'what ifs' in life but today thats not what I'm talking about. My big IF is Intermittent Fasting. Mondays are typically fasting days for me. I eat nothing until about 5-6pm or dinner time. I chose Monday as a way of 'restarting' the week. Maybe I punish myself a little for having too many calories over the weekend, as was the case this past weekend, who knows, but it definitely works for me. The immediate benefit for me was once the body has gone without food, I really noticed what I put back in it. That lead to better healthier decisions about what I was eating. It also gave me a chance to learn when I'm actually hungry as opposed to eating because I'm bored, stressed, tired or angry. It also helps when the body has hit a plateau. I was stuck at the same weight for a few weeks and a few days of fasting over about a 2 week period helped me get over that hump. I'm not saying its for everyone but everyone can certainly try it for a few hours at the very least. Marks Daily Apple explains why it works better than I can so go here if you want to read more. Obviously don't chose days you need to go food shopping or are taking the kids or meeting friends for lunch. And ladies choose wisely, don't go anywhere near 'those' few days of the month, you're destined to fail. Believe me, I've tried.

The one thing I'm unsure about is how the fasting affects my WODs. I haven't done any comparisons yet. I guess I should try todays WOD in a few weeks again.... well, maybe not todays because it really sucked, but definitely a different one.

Todays hero WOD was brutal. Any time you're doing 100+ pullups in a workout, you know its going to suck.

3 rounds:
21 right arm dumbbell squat snatch - 15#
21 tuck sit pullups
21 left arm dumbbell squat snatch
21 tuck sit pullups


Notes: Fasting day. The pack weight I should have done was 20lbs. I started off with 20 on the first round but quickly decided it was a bit too heavy and it would take me way too long to get thru. For the pullups I started with 13 unassisted tuck sit, then the rest were a mix of assisted, mixed grips, regular and tuck holds. Everything was broken and forearms were crying.

Recipe: Roasted acorn squash.
Yeah, those pumpkin looking veggies you see all over this time of year. Don't be afraid of them. They are awesome and taste like a mix between pumpkin and sweet potato.

Cut it in half, scoop out the seeds, sprinkle with salt/pepper, drizzle w/EVOO, put them face down on a baking sheet @ 425 for about 20 minutes. Once they're done, (they should be soft and have browned edges) drizzle with your choice of a bit of honey, maple syrup, brown sugar or a dab of butter and serve.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

My Snatch is terrible

And yes, it's an xfit lift not a personal problem. The snatch, is admittedly one of the toughest movements for most of us. Today it just wasn't in the cards for me. I tried over and over and over and over. Bob was there to tell me what I was doing wrong and I still couldn't put it together. I couldn't even get it right with 45lbs. Some may think that is heavy but no, it's not. I totally gave up which is not like a CF athlete. Just watching Sage (from the video) kill it each time makes it even worse. No matter that she is the daughter of one of the best trainers out there, no matter that she's like... 18 and has been doing it since birth. I should be able to do this by now!

Eh, enough about my failed wod. I did however punish myself by dragging that damn truck tire down and up the street in front of the house. Well, when I say down and up the street it was really about 25 or so feet. Believe me, that was enough. That mother weighs 86.5 pounds. It was a great challenge and I need to work that into my routine regardless of the crazy looks I get. If I keep doing that my ass will be tighter than a Jon Jones rear naked choke.

Not much to report today, still stunned the Cowboys lost and I had too much beer for lunch.


800m - 4x10 second sprints
box jumps - 22"

dragging the 86 pound tire about 25'

Food Tip: Agave is not all it's cracked up to be. It is actually worse than high fructose corn syrup. Stick with honey or maple syrup if you must add sweetener. My vote is to stay away from all of it and save yourself the empty calories.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

What? A truck tire in the woods, you're coming with me.

It's a fact CrossFitters will incorporate any random object into a workout. I've seen plenty of videos of athletes using buckets of bricks, children, large rocks, old tires and ropes attached to anything heavy in order to make the workout more fun or challenging. So when we found an abandon truck tire in the woods during our post WOD Saturday adventure trail run in the park, we were more than happy to roll that sucker back to the car and give it a good home. It was covered in dirt, weeds and filled with smelly water but that didn't stop me from picking it up and getting it moving. A year ago I wouldn't have touched that tire if it was covered in cheese. But today, I was willing to not only help roll it, while getting splattered with mud, but put it in the back of my SUV. If I was smart, I would have gotten it all on video because rolling a truck tire on a mud path in the woods is something only a CrossFitter would do, which I pointed out to my husband who certainly agreed. We also got some wtf looks from Saturday park goers heading to the Native American Festival down the road. Which I mention only because I thought it was amusing to be jogging thru the woods while hearing an Indian drum beat. For a second I thought our adventure may get real interesting.

We did get a decent workout, 2-3 miles with some burpees, (Yay burpees!) jumping jacks, and random child carrying... well, not any random child in the park, our children needing to be carried due to fatigue. All in all they hung in with us which was cool. Hannah even did some baby pullups on a tree branch. She is her fathers daughter. I'm happy that my kids see exercise as fun and just a normal part of daily life in this house. Too many kids are overweight today.

Well, the tire is cleaned and drying outside now we just need to get some stuff to make our sled. Probably like this And no, not a snow sled people a sled for a workout. Remember I said we love to carry or drag random heavy stuff around.

air squats
5x16.5lb overhead squats
toes to bar

As many rounds as possible (amrap) in 15 minutes:
10 wall balls - 12lbs
10 toes to bar
10 box jumps - 19"

9 rounds + 3 wallballs

Good for me considering I felt sluggish on the toes to bar, they were tough as hell after the second round and because I drank 4 glasses of tequila and 2 glasses of wine last night. Ugh. **bad habit noted.

5 manmakers* w/15lb dumbbells
5 body blasters*

*The manmaker is a pushup balanced on the dumbbells, then pull the dumbbell into your side, jump to squat position, clean the dumbells to shoulders then thrust arms up. That counts as 1. Yes, they suck.

*The body blaster is a burpee, on the jump jump up to the pullup bar, do a pullup then bring your knees to your elbows. That is 1 rep. Ouch.

Exercise Tip: You don't need expensive equipment to get a good workout. Body weight workouts are some of the toughest moves you can do. Pushups, pullups, squats, situps, its all good.