Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I am banged up

For the life of me I can't get the hang of the muscle up. This is a muscle up performed by one of my favorite MMA athletes BJ Penn. The video was done in 2008 and I was surprised by two things, BJ Penn with hair and the fact that he actually struggled to get the 5th. Now, if BJ Penn struggled on this movement how in the hell am I going to ever get this? Anyway, practice practice practice which is what I did today. And I am paying the price. My shoulder is screaming sore right now. Something about the muscle up, I guess in the transition for me since I'm weak at dips, just aggravates my shoulder tremendously. To add insult to injury, literally I guess, I had to do hand stand push ups. I went with progressions today since I was already sore, feet on the weight bench, body in a V position. I almost smashed my face, again, after the first five when my shoulder gave out. Did I stop, nah. Suck it up, regroup and do a few more until I hit 20. Sickness.

The body can only take so much stress before it breaks down. I think thats where I'm at today. Everything is sore. My core is sore from the damn 'rotations' and sit ups with the 20lb medicine ball, my legs are sore from squats, my jaw and neck are sore from catching the wall balls awkwardly (at least I think thats what its from), my chest hurts from bench presses and my upper back from pull ups. Am I complaining though? OK maybe a little, but at least I know it will only last a day... or two,  if I don't rest. Side note, as I was posting this I checked my strength schedule because it would be annoying to take a rest day tomorrow when I was supposed to do a workout. That would completely throw me off for the rest of the week and being the control freak I am, I can't have that. Basically what it will come down to is how I feel tomorrow when I wake up. Most cf'ers are used to being a little sore or achey, and most of the time we can get thru it. I'm not stupid about it or 'pigheaded' as its referred to on my xfit forum. I listen to my body and know when I need to rest. That is one of the most important aspects of fitness. Listening to your body, knowing when you can push yourself and when you just need to stop. I always tease about how cf'ers can't stop. Thats not always true, we can stop, we just don't like to.

Don't force yourself to exercise if you're sore or rundown. That will only get you hurt. Sometimes we need to be reminded it is OK to just relax.

No breakfast. Oatmeal w/flax, coconut, walnuts, raw honey and bananas after WOD.
Lunch: turkey, hummus, protein ball, coffee.
Snack: almonds, cereal bar
Dinner: will be greek tacos. Lamb, tomatoes, cucs, tzatziki, lettuce wrap.

jump rope
10xbroomstick snatch practice

Strength: w1/d4
Shoulder Press
warmup: 5x30, 5x40, 5x45#
work: 5x50, 5x60, 7x65#
last set max reps

10 muscle up progressions - w/green band
15 knees to elbows
20 hand stand push up progressions - feet on bench
25 ring rows
30 pull ups (should have been push ups)

8:34 (last time 14 min, but did L sit holds, hspu's and pushups)

*Notes - legs felt heavy, tight even after yoga stretches. Neck tight. Shoulder was hurting on the presses. 65 felt heavy today. Max is 80 so not sure whats up with that. MU progressions suck, couldn't get thru more than 5 hspu progressions at a time, ring rows and pull ups were exhausting. Could no food this am and light dinner last night be it? Had few small pieces of chicken, some spinach and a few parsnips. Slept relatively well.

Health Tip: Make sure you're not taking too many vitamins or supplements. Those of us who are starting to eat healthier, ie more veggies and meats maybe getting enough iron, calcium, b6 etc from our food. Extra vitamins may do you more harm than good. Do some research on what you take vs what you eat. Also try (pretty sure it's free) Log a few days of meals and they will give you a breakdown.

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