Sunday, October 30, 2011

October snow, say it ain't so

Well it snowed here this weekend. If there's one thing you should know about me it's this, I don't like snow. OK, the first snow of the season is cool and I'm all for sledding with the kids and skiing, if I get the opportunity, but snow and 27 degree temps on October 29th? Come on already. Anyway that made for a cold and challenging trail run this morning. We couldn't do our normal Mudder Training at Valley Forge Park since the roads were pretty bad at 6am so we went to our local park. We started out at a creek bridge which was flooded out. It was certainly passable but at 8:30 and 32 degrees, we decided we didn't want to start off the run with freezing feet so we drove to another part of the park and got started there. We picked up the paved path for a while and then headed off road. Lots of icy rocks and leaves to trip us up and there were also a ton of downed trees in our way but we just looked at it a natural obstacle course. Most of the run seemed like it was uphill and my legs were not feeling that early on. Once we got warmed up and got into a groove the next few miles went pretty smoothly and we did cross over the flooded bridge, we're not sissies afterall. Overall it was a good run. Not quite as challenging as VF Park but a good workout.

Saturday Bob and I did a killer WOD. Five rounds 6 rep ground to overhead at half bodyweight for me or 65 pounds, 12 pull ups and 18 double unders. Doesn't sound like much but after round two I was beat. Wouldn't have been so bad if I didn't suck at double unders. I mean, what purpose do double unders serve except to annoy me? I should know better by now that if something 'doesn't sound so bad' it's worse.

Finished the weekend off with good comfort food MDA recipe called Moussaka. If anyone has seen it on the site today, word of warning, it took quite a while to make and it's very involved but it was worth it.

jump rope
10x5# ohs

CFSB w4/d1
Deadlift - (deload week)
5x75, 95, 115#

CFSB w4/d2
Bench Press  - (deload week)
5x30, 40, 45#

Recon Ron Pull ups
Day 3: 3-2-2-1-1

Fat Jesus
5 rounds
6 GTO - 65#
12 Pull ups
18 Double unders

Mudder Training
5 mile trail run

*Notes - Felt good saturday morning, good wod, felt like I kept a good pace. DLs and BPs were light so no problems there at all. The run sunday was tough in the beginning, felt slow and heavy. Ate 1/2 bowl of oatmeal, wasn't feeling great. After about 1 mile felt better, warmed up. Ankles and knees a little achy after.

General Tip: I love Under Armor clothes but today I realized the $23 Champion thermal shirt worked just as well as the $60 UA.

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