Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thank you little lambs everywhere

I made the best freaking tacos last night and they were pretty carb and paleo friendly and loaded with protein. If you are a full on paleoite than you would have to cut out the greek yogurt. They were greek tacos, made with lamb, tzatiki which is shredded cucumber, mint, garlic and greek yogurt, and a tomato cucumber relish in oregano and red wine vinegar and oil. I served them on big green leaf lettuce leaves to cut out the carbs from the tortillas to make it ultra friendly. If you've never had lamb before or are afraid to make it because all you see in your head is cute little fluffy white baby animals, get over it. They are tasty. If you've wanted to try it but just never came across a friendly recipe, this is it. You may have a hard time finding ground lamb. Our local store doesn't carry it all the time. Maybe I just didn't notice it until I actually wanted to buy some that it wasn't always available but after weeks of stalking the meat department with hungry eyes, some packages finally appeared and I grabbed one up faster than a grandma buying a $1 pair of pants at a flea market.

I can't take total credit for the recipe. It came from a link from a link from site I follow FB. Blah, I hate to rely on FB for anything other than reminding me when everyones birthdays are but I guess it has it's perks at times. It's from food network via US Wellness meats. The cook used some fresh grass fed lamikins from US Wellness in his recipe. Now I've always shied away from cooking or eating any animals that may be involved in cute loving children's books. Especially now that I have kids and have to read all those boring lame stories every day. I didn't like the idea of eating something cute. Cows, chickens, pigs and turkeys are not cute. I have no problem sending them to slaughter. But a lamb, deer, or heaven forbid the baby cow, no way. Not until I learned to cook that is. No, I haven't cooked deer, but would love to if I had a reliable hunter that needed to get rid of extra meat. My neighbor when I was a kid used to hunt deer with a bow. A crossbow actually, and it was cool. No he wasn't part native american, just liked the challenge. Anyway, he used to bring them home and hang them, cut open with insides removed and/or falling out from the beams of his carport. Those of you unfamiliar with what a carport is think of it as a garage with one wall. You could park your car under it but most people used it as a porch or a place to store old shit they couldn't part with. After seeing a dead bloody dear hanging from a rope every hunting season you think I would have become a vegetarian. No, that was against Italian law. If I didn't eat sausage and meatballs I would be banished from the family. Not that you really had to twist my arm.

Now that I got side tracked with killing animals my point to the story is... was, lamb, if cooked properly with a great recipe it can make a fabulous meal. Don't be afraid to try something new. Oh and the lettuce wraps are a great way to cut out the extra calories and carbs, just try to get big leaves and bring plenty of napkins to the table.

*I subbed the lettuce leaves and did 1/2 the recipe for 2 people. Also, when it says remove the lamb and cook the onions in the fat, drain some of the fat off. It is way too much.

Fingers crossed tonight I have the courage to cut my physical therapist loose.

No breakfast. Lunch after WOD was chicken sausage w/kale, shrooms and raddichio. Dinner will be whole grain spaghetti w/turkey meatballs.

5x45# front squats

WOD 1:
Tabata Double Unders
8 rounds of 20 seconds, 10 second rest. Only count lowest score.
8, 12, 13, 11, 11, 11, 18, 9 = 8

WOD 2:
Front Squats

*Notes - energy level felt great this morning. du's sucked as usual. Too much pressure tabata style, couldn't find a rhythm at first. Front squats felt great. Should have tried for 145. Beat my previous 1rm of 135. Must have been all the protein last night.

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