Saturday, October 1, 2011

What? A truck tire in the woods, you're coming with me.

It's a fact CrossFitters will incorporate any random object into a workout. I've seen plenty of videos of athletes using buckets of bricks, children, large rocks, old tires and ropes attached to anything heavy in order to make the workout more fun or challenging. So when we found an abandon truck tire in the woods during our post WOD Saturday adventure trail run in the park, we were more than happy to roll that sucker back to the car and give it a good home. It was covered in dirt, weeds and filled with smelly water but that didn't stop me from picking it up and getting it moving. A year ago I wouldn't have touched that tire if it was covered in cheese. But today, I was willing to not only help roll it, while getting splattered with mud, but put it in the back of my SUV. If I was smart, I would have gotten it all on video because rolling a truck tire on a mud path in the woods is something only a CrossFitter would do, which I pointed out to my husband who certainly agreed. We also got some wtf looks from Saturday park goers heading to the Native American Festival down the road. Which I mention only because I thought it was amusing to be jogging thru the woods while hearing an Indian drum beat. For a second I thought our adventure may get real interesting.

We did get a decent workout, 2-3 miles with some burpees, (Yay burpees!) jumping jacks, and random child carrying... well, not any random child in the park, our children needing to be carried due to fatigue. All in all they hung in with us which was cool. Hannah even did some baby pullups on a tree branch. She is her fathers daughter. I'm happy that my kids see exercise as fun and just a normal part of daily life in this house. Too many kids are overweight today.

Well, the tire is cleaned and drying outside now we just need to get some stuff to make our sled. Probably like this And no, not a snow sled people a sled for a workout. Remember I said we love to carry or drag random heavy stuff around.

air squats
5x16.5lb overhead squats
toes to bar

As many rounds as possible (amrap) in 15 minutes:
10 wall balls - 12lbs
10 toes to bar
10 box jumps - 19"

9 rounds + 3 wallballs

Good for me considering I felt sluggish on the toes to bar, they were tough as hell after the second round and because I drank 4 glasses of tequila and 2 glasses of wine last night. Ugh. **bad habit noted.

5 manmakers* w/15lb dumbbells
5 body blasters*

*The manmaker is a pushup balanced on the dumbbells, then pull the dumbbell into your side, jump to squat position, clean the dumbells to shoulders then thrust arms up. That counts as 1. Yes, they suck.

*The body blaster is a burpee, on the jump jump up to the pullup bar, do a pullup then bring your knees to your elbows. That is 1 rep. Ouch.

Exercise Tip: You don't need expensive equipment to get a good workout. Body weight workouts are some of the toughest moves you can do. Pushups, pullups, squats, situps, its all good.

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  1. Ha! There is a huge tire off the side of the road I drive by on a daily basis. I have often ogled it...I wonder if Peter would help me haul it home? Then I'd have to hear the bitching about mowing around it etc (although moving it would be good exercise for him!)
    I was ogling sleds & sandbags at Dicks today. Peter should NOT have any issue shopping for my birthday this year!