Monday, October 10, 2011

Functional strength at it's best

Today I was able to move a 200+ pound china cabinet. Obviously empty, but still, by myself across the room on carpet no less! Everyone knows what a pain in the ass it is to move heavy furniture on carpet. Yay CrossFit! I would have never even thought of moving it let alone actually doing it by myself last year. OK, I'll admit, it was pretty stupid. I could have hurt myself. Could have. But I didn't. You know why? Because I know how to lift and move heavy stuff properly by not using my back like most people do, but by using my legs (thanks to all the squats) and my core, (thanks to all the knees to elbows).

CrossFit is all about functional strength. To get you ready for anything. Including a zombie apocalypse. Just sayin. You never know. Why else would they teach you how to climb a rope, carry buckets of heavy stuff, sprint, push a car or run while carrying someone on your back, right? Zombies aren't smart enough to climb up a rope after you. And how about heavy buckets filled with spare water or ammo? Sprinting, come on, you need to run fast or at least faster than your human counterparts. Or maybe you have to push your car to the nearest gas station or a fellow human was injured and you had to carry him or her. But only if they weren't bitten. Be smart. Functional strength. Thats what its about people. Don't know how I transitioned from furniture moving to zombies, maybe its the lack of food today. Monday=fasting day. Maybe I had too much coffee or I'm stoked about the return of 'The Walking Dead' this weekend who knows but I've got a feeling I can outrun a zombie and smash a head in if needbe. Love CrossFit.

No WOD for me today. Back on the horse tomorrow with the strength stuff and a short metcon. Tonight marinated rib eye and sauteed veggie stir fry. NO RICE. NO PASTA. Can't give in and ruin a good fast day.

Side note - the protein ball recipe was from MDA. Didn't want to rip off a good recipe and not give the credit to where it's due.

Exercise tip: When doing squats, remember to sit back on the heels and keep the knees tracking outward not in. Tracking in will cause damage and pain.

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