Wednesday, October 19, 2011

MMA aka face punching

Wednesday, my favorite night of the week. It's The Ultimate Fighter night which means MMA will be on for about 3 hours before the show starts. We love face punching in our house. Well, my 6 year old daughter doesn't appreciate it as much as the rest of us, but I'm hoping the more we force her to watch it the more she will like it. Maybe it's because after about 15-20 minutes of it her 4 year old brother starts practicing his moves on her. At that point it wouldn't be unusual to hear one of us saying "go for the arm bar Bud!" or "Hey you missed the rear naked choke!" It's all in good fun and we always put a stop to it when someone starts crying. If anyone is thinking what horrible parents we are, at least we are teaching our children to get some exercise and defend themselves rather than be the fat kid that gets bullied. OK, thats not the sole reason, but it sounded good.

I'm finding out that sometimes CrossFit gets in the way of life. You heard me. I may be a stay at home mom but I'm busy and a control freak so every minute is pretty much scheduled out. It has to be that way. And the morning is scheduled around the WOD. So once that is done regardless of how much time it takes and/or how much time it takes me to recover, then I can get on with my day and sometimes that means I can't get everything done. I'm not complaining about it, it's just a fact of life I'm learning to deal with. I would rather get my workout in and feel good and keep to my schedule rather than skip a day because I have to go food shopping or to the doctors. Once I miss a WOD, or have a change in plans, I feel lousy and out of sync. Then it's hard to get back on track. The holidays are the hardest. My challenge will come Thanksgiving week when my parents come up from Florida for the week. Between wanting to spend time with them, my daughter being home from school, cooking Turkey day dinner, I'm going to be a disaster if I can't keep my WOD schedule and that means pushing life aside regardless of the consequences for an hour a day. Yeah, doesn't sound hard but we all know it can be challenging and thats what makes xfitters different. Any other time I would chalk the week up to 'hey it's a holiday' and do nothing but eat, drink and feel sluggish and fat. NOT this year my friends. And while I'm on the topic of holidays, the big calorie killer is coming up next weekend. Halloween. I'm going to try my best to buy non chocolate treats this year for the kids. They may not like it but hell, I'm trying to save them from a lifetime of insulin shots. And shit, I don't need all that temptation in the house. We'll have enough junk from the all the kids candy. I have to find the houses that give away almonds and dark chocolate. Hmmm.

No WOD today for me. Been 4 days plus physical therapy workout last night, need a day off.

Brunch was eggs w/ground turkey, peppers, tomatoes. Snack, cereal bar, almonds and coffee.  Dinner will be coffee marinated flank steak and bacon, apple brussle sprouts.


jump rope

CFSB w2/d3
Back Squat
warmup: 5x60, 75, 95#
work: 3x105, 120, 135(11)
last set max reps

5 rounds:
7 rep squat clean - 45#
14 rep kettlebell swings - 25#


5 min treadmill jog
30 alternating grip assisted pull ups
15 physio ball push ups
10 9# ohs

*Notes - felt great on the squats. Got a new pr @135. Never done more than 5, if that. Also killed the wod, was light since I did strength stuff, was sore and had pt. Didn't want to kill myself. Shoulder is killing me today. Must be from the cleans.

Food Tip: Try uncured bacon. It's not as salty as regular but it is sweeter and smokier. Excellent. I get the 'Open Nature' brand, steroid, hormone and antibiotic free pork. And it's not any more expensive than regular.


  1. I completely agree with everything you said about feeling out of sync! It is all in the blog post I have saved in my drafts that maybe I'll get to finish tonite...ugh...did the same WOD squat cleans were 55# & you beat my by about a minute. :) Good job..Off to do my workout! See you Saturday!

  2. Yeah but you went heavier so thats a good time. Had I done the rx'd @65 I would have come in around 10 min. Body was way to sore to suffer thru that.