Monday, October 24, 2011

Scary sites all around

Another busy weekend for the Chase household. Saturday we took the kids to the farm for the Pumpkin Festival and let me tell you, I was more horrified by the sheer mass (pun intended) of overweight families attending the festival this year than the actual Halloween attractions. Some were so frightening they were actually worth posting on Facebook for all to enjoy. While we were waiting for the pig races to start, there was a young woman sitting on a huge pumpkin in front of us. The scary part was the red thong hanging out of the top of her two sizes too small spandex pants. My friend joked that it looked like her ass was actually eating the pumpkin. It certainly did. Yikes. There was another child I saw, she couldn't be any older than 10 and looked to be bigger than me. I'm 130 pounds. Oh and I believe she was holding a soda in one hand and some sort of fried sugared treat in the other. I'm not trying to be mean but Jesus Christ people come on already, learn to say no. I'm all for letting kids have treats now and then but there has to be a limit. Kids learn from their parents and if the parents eat 4 pounds of funnel cake the kids will think that is OK. It's NOT! I couldn't tell you how many times I shuddered at the fact that there were more obese people in one area than not. Not chunky, not chubby, not big boned, obese. Obese to the point where the women cannot wear anything other than spandex. And let me tell you, that is not a pretty sight my friends. I understand it's not easy to change habits or to lose weight, we've all had our battles, but it's a battle you can win if you try. Sorry, I'll get off my soapbox now.

We did have some fun dragging two 6 year old girls thru the haunted house. Yes, literally dragged. It wasn't scary, all the lights were on and there were no people running around in there trying to scare you. It was totally kid friendly, with the exception of the creepy dolls that is. I did make my daughter look away but she couldn't. My 4 year old boy took five steps and turned around screaming. Maybe next year for chicken little. There were plenty of smelly animals, a funny pig race and over priced attractions like the monster truck ride. $6 a person for a 3 minute ride. No thank you. I was curious to try the corn and tomato shooters but it would be a nightmare with the kids. I could see it now, 'no Bud you can't shoot your sister!'.

Sunday I couldn't make the Mudder training since my daughter was coming down with a little cold, that was a bummer, but I did torture myself a bit by practicing some double unders. That's always a fun time. Fasting and active rest day today. Since it is a beautiful fall day I walked about 1.5 miles to the farm with my little guy.

10 air squats
10x25# plate squats

CFSB w3/d1:
warmup: 5x75, 95, 3x115#
work: 5x140, 3x160, 1x180#(4)
last set max reps

CFSB w3/d2:
Bench Press
warmup: 5x30, 35, 3x45#
work: 5x55, 3x60, 1x70#(12)
last set max reps

10x25# plate squats

Skill Day WOD:
3 rounds:
10 OHS - 45#
50 Double unders

Active Rest Day - 1.5 mile walk

*Notes - Since I was supposed to do the Mudder training sunday I did 2 strength days on saturday. Couldn't go so did a skill day instead. Not focused on time, made sure ohs's were great form and depth, practiced dus. Got 20 in a row. Shoulder ok throughout ohs.

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