Friday, October 7, 2011

You know it's a good WOD when...

You almost break your nose and are bleeding from being whipped by failed double unders. Todays WOD included wall ball shots. Since I got the new 20# ball for Bob the other day, I decided to use it. Mistake? Maybe. Not that it was heavy per se, but between my arms being shot from the overhead squats and the overall girth of the ball, it certainly didn't make it easy. In the second of four rounds I guess I hesitated just that split second and the ball came down on my forehead/nose, luckily I was able to move a tiny bit so it wasn't a complete face smash. Ok, maybe it was, but at least it didn't hurt. Dynamax 1, Karen 0.

Double unders. The bane of every... OK 90% of CrossFitters existence. I can finally string about 10-15 together but not all the time and certainly not consecutively. For those of you who don't know what a double under is, it's jumping rope but turning the rope two times each time. Yeah, it's hard. It's certainly not for the uncoordinated. It takes a lot of practice. Without practice you get whipped and it hurts like a son of a bitch. I was actually bleeding today since my fails tend to bring the rope either across the top of my left hand or on my left butt cheek. And because I have a wire rope and it's frayed a bit, the sharp metal scratches up my right calf.

Why do we beat ourselves up like that? Because we know it all pays off in the end. Every bloody shin, broken blister and sore muscle is a reminder of how hard you worked. And honestly, what do you expect to gain without hard work and suffering. Exercise should not be easy all the time, if it is you're doing something wrong.

Feeling much better today, mentally and physically. Got back on the horse yesterday with my meals which were scrambled eggs with ham, collard greens, mushrooms and some pico. Some raw almond butter, turkey and greek yogurt. Dinner was tilapia with roasted carrots, peppers, brussel sprouts and tomatoes. All clean, no starch or sugars. What a difference a day makes.

Breakfast: oatmeal w/pb, bananas, walnuts

hip/shoulder mobility
10xbroomstick OHS

WOD (from Pat Sherwood)
4 rounds:
30 double unders
20 overhead squats (75/55) - 45#
15 wall ball
10 burpees
(2-3 minute rest between rounds)

26:42 which includes 7 minutes rest

*Notes - Overhead squats felt good @ 45, don't think I could have done 50 since shoulder was tweaky overhead today. Wall balls were tough, couldn't find a rhythm, ball is wider than other, hard to grip and not used to 20#. Burpees unbroken, OHS broken once @10 in 3rd round only.

Food Tip: Try coconut oil. It's about the same calorie and fat content of EVOO and vegetable oil with the exception of the polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats, where coconut oil is lower. The difference is the bodies ability to break down the coconut oil, it's easier on our pancreas and better overall for our cholesterol. Google it to get the specifics.

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