Sunday, December 15, 2013

Christmas is the time to say....

no thank you! Sigh. Why is it so hard to say no to the peppermint mocha lattes, warm apple pie with vanilla bean ice cream and chocolate torte after all these years? Oh I know, because I'm human. Right. I'm not gonna lie, I've gained a few pounds, just a few and no one would probably notice but hell, once I start down that path of "I'll just have a bite, It's just one Milky Way or Hey, I have a gift card!"and yes,  I'm talking to YOU Starbucks! It's makes it that much harder to say no. I'm sorry, I love you peppermint white chocolate mocha latte.

Ok, so I'm trying to make piece with myself about enjoying the holidays, not meaning I'm going to eat my face off because the gluten free gods know I can't really do that. Just that I'm not going to stress over the fact I had a 'real' cookie or a slice of heavenly wheat flour and sugar filled apple pie. I'm going to make old fashion Pilsbury sugar cookies with the kids (and their friends) because not everything needs to be about me and what I can and can't eat. Is it healthier for the kids to eat my usual almond flour, maple syrup sweetened cookies? Probably but hey, it's Christmas and with the limited time I have to spend with them while they are little and somewhat adorable, I'm going to use it wisely.

So I'm finished shopping. Can't friggen believe it. First time ever. Well, I'm 99.5% done. I have a few little teacher gifts to get and something for the inlaws' inlaws. I'm hosting Christmas Eve this year which means lots of planning and cooking and baking and cooking and baking and tequila here and there to calm the nerves. The menu is set for the most part and it should be delicious. Not quite as 'clean' as it should be but gluten, refined sugar and over processed free. If I remember I'll try to take some pics and post the recipes, at least for the dishes Bob and I created on our own which include a citrus kale salad with walnuts and shallot and sweet potato casserole with baked apples and pears. Fabulous.

Workouts have been pretty decent. I'm going with my own programming for a few weeks. Not quite as intense as the strength bias program, but along the same lines by making sure I work in deadlifts, shoulder press and back squats every week. I've been feeling great so I must be doing something right. I figure after 3 years I should be able to program myself a few times a week and follow Outlaw for cleans, snatches and conditioning in between.

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