Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I'm back! Sort of....

I can't even begin to remember what has been happening the past ummm, month or so since I last posted but all I know is I've been sick for the past 10 days, I made a pretty damn good stuffed chicken breast dinner last week and I got my first kipping pull ups.

So where to begin. Well, it's finally starting to wind down in the Chase household. Bud graduated preschool last week and the baseball/softball season is coming to a close. H will wrap up school this week and has her final softball game Thursday night under the lights on the 'big girl' field. It's been a pretty fun season for both of them. H really enjoyed playing and has already requested to play next year.

Bob and I have been busy as usual not only with the kids scheduled parties and play dates but between me starting to make the rounds with some touch up painting (trim and ceilings right now), coaching my moms in the garage, working on new recipes and him busy with work, the yard, the pool and replacing the bathroom sink it seems like the time has just flown by without a break. We did have one fantastic weekend a few weeks ago when it was really hot. We spent ALL day outside in the pool with the kids, I brought everything outside and cooked dinner on the grill, Bob brought the barbell out into the grass and kept our glasses filled with tequila... it was a much needed relaxing family bonding time weekend for all of us. I'm hoping we can get a few more of those in this summer... if it ever stops raining.

The garage mom training is going well. Well, was going well. I've been sick for almost 2 weeks, A has some sort of sickness and muscle spasm thing (not related to me and training thank god) and the other 2 have been busy with kid stuff. Hopefully next week we'll all get a chance to start fresh and keep a good schedule.

Speaking of that, I'm going to give myself one week to get back on the horse after this bout of sickness before I start on The Way's programming. Eeek. I'm making some good progress so it's time to move on and take it up another notch. And finally after almost 3 years of blood sweat and tears, literally, I was able to manage some kipping pull ups! Not sure how or why all of a sudden, but I finally got it. They were ugly and I could only manage about 3 at a time but it's a start. I'm pretty sure it has a lot to do with the fact that my shoulders are, dare I say 100%. Knock on wood, I haven't had any pain in months. I did however end up pretty sore on Saturday from the kipping. Wow. I must have done something right. Anyway, looking forward to practicing more so I can actually feel confident enough to try for my level 1. Yes, I think Bob and I are going to do it. We may get some help with the finance end of it, now all I have to do is look over the requirements and just get it over with. I'm hoping once Bud is in school full day I'll have enough time and experience under my belt to actually get a real job. We'll see.

Recipes? Lets see, last week I made this bacon wrapped stuffed chicken dish on the fly and it came out really well. Once I tweak a few technique issues, I'll post. Stuffing chicken is not my favorite thing to do since it's messy and could easily go horribly wrong in an instant, but, it is better than boring plain ole grilled or sauteed chicken. I had another go at stuffed peppers, trying to change it up. That still needs some work too. They were good but there is room for improvement. I don't make deserts so nothing new there other than I found that Talenti salted caramel gelato, which if you haven't tried it, it's freaking awesome, now comes in a dark chocolate covered popsicle. Yeah, it's no good for you but if you're going to treat yourself, treat yourself. Unfortunately when I bought them I was going thru this 'I've gained weight and not good weight, no junk for me ever again!' phase so Bob ate them all before I could try them. Oh well. Yes, I put on some good muscle weight, but I also added a little bad weight. Too much snacking but I cleaned up and cut out some little things and feel much better. Dropped 5lbs in a week so yeah, bad weight.

Got some stuff to get done outside before the rain, again. Gah. Oh and the garden has been great minus the little baby bunnies that ate ALL my spinach. We even put a fence. They still got at it. Bastards.

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