Wednesday, March 13, 2013

13.1 and days gone by

What a week. So I did the first open wod. Eeek. Love it when two of my favorites come up and I finished about where I thought I would. 101 legit, 120 with 19 scaled snatches @65#. Took me 3 attempts to get one snatch at 75 so instead of struggling thru I lowered and banged out 19. I'm only doing this for fun anyway. Riiiight. Fun. Past couple days of wods have been ok, nothing to write home about. Keeping on a good schedule, had a good IF day, cut back on my snacking and have been taking my vitamins D and C. I've been feeling pretty good, no overly sore body parts and have been able to hold off a full blown cold so I guess the immune boosting powers are working for me.

Made a few new recipes over the past few days. One was The Domestic Man's chicken francesca. It was really good if you do dairy and fake pasta. I guess you could technically use the thick part of the coconut milk and serve it over zoodles but I was willing to take one for the team. Another good one was this pork, fennel, apple meatball recipe. I served this with regular homemade sauce over zoodles. The kids weren't crazy for them but my daughter's friend thought they were the shit. No, she did't say that, but she did eat 5 of them. Bob took the leftovers for lunch and ate them with some homemade bbq sauce and said they were great. Oh and I actually used my food grinder attachment for this recipe. No it doesn't call for it but I had a pork tenderloin out when Bob forwarded me the meatball recipe so I figured what the hell, why buy ground pork when I can grind it myself. Two things. Number one, grinding raw meat is disgusting and number two grinding raw meat is disgusting. Not that it will stop me from any future grinding or sausage making endeavors, but it was pretty gross between the sound and smell. Anyway, it was a good quick recipe. I'm always on the lookout for new meatball recipes.

Kids are doing well with the new dinner rules. Well, my daughter is, the dude is not. He's not necessarily eating a full dinner of meat and veggies but he is at least being coaxed into tasting everything. That's all I can ask for right now. My daughter is actually eating most meals including the dreaded bbq coated meatloaf which she was always afraid of.

So with 1 1/2 weeks left before we leave for Florida, what better time than to start painting. I know. Not that smart but I feel like I'm on a roll and need to get it done now before I put it off another 5 years. And besides, we have everything for once. That right there is a small miracle. I'm only painting the ceiling in the front hallway (we had a leak patched) so it's not a huge project but as any type A knows, it always turns into a huge project. We'll see what happens. My luck I'll get it done zippy skippy and while we're gone for the week the noxious paint fumes will kill the parakeet. Eh. He's had a long life already.

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