Thursday, March 21, 2013

I've dropped the ball again

For some reason I have no time to do what I want, only what I have to. I still haven't looked into the iphoto issue and have yet to pull myself together to work on another recipe. Actually, I do have them, but no pictures which make the recipe look more appealing, literally. I've also been in a craptastic mood the past few days. Unsure why. Oh right, maybe because some little punk stole my 21-15-9 magnet off my car, it's spring and it's snowing and I can't seem to cook anything right lately. I had a massive superterrificdinnerfail the other night. Bad read: rancid chicken plus sticky mushy over cooked rice noodles lead to a garbage bag full of food and a last minute bacon and eggs dinner. Not that there's anything wrong with bacon and eggs but the wasted time and food bugs the hell out of me.

So the next open wod includes one thing I simply cannot do and other I cannot do rx'd. I don't have a 14# ball. Even went to a few stores looking for one. Nothing. And I refuse to pay $100 for a 'Rage' ball. Sorry Rage, never heard of you. And muscle ups, forget it. Looks like I'll be doing a modified scaled down version. At least I have something to shoot for, beating last years score which was 219 since I am a bit better at double unders this time around.

Other than that, taking the day off. No running walking or otherwise. Haven't had a true rest day in about 5 days so in order to give it my best tomorrow, I need to rest the shoulders which are in pretty sad shape today. With the past few days of wall walks, push jerks, hspu, push presses, muscle ups and kbs my shoulders are mad. But, I will say this, they can take more and more abuse with each passing week. This time last year I would have to take about 2-3 days rest to heal up from hspu and heavy push jerks. Hell, this time last year I couldn't really do hspu without pain let alone anything else.

Still have a ton of stuff to do for Florida. Got some packing started, things put aside and lists made. This weekend I'll probably make a bunch of food like meatballs, protein balls, salad/veggie fixins, chicken breast and banana bread and cookies for the kids. I'de really like to avoid fast food, which it doable on the way down with the exception of Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks of course. The way back may be a bit more challenging since I won't have time to prepare a ton of stuff before we leave. We'll see.

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