Friday, March 15, 2013

13.2 and randomness

Ok so I have a ton of things I want to mention and I'll try to make it quick... which seems to be the story of my life this past week or so.

Number one. I did 13.2 today and did pretty well. I was hoping to at least get 5 rounds and ended up getting 7+ with a total of 233 reps. Fortunately the Crossfit gods spared me on the box jump rules this time in allowing step ups. I did have to resort to them about the 4th round if for no other reason than to keep going while trying to catch my breath. They were jumping step ups, but step ups none the less. The push jerks and deads went better than expected. They were all unbroken which I think, well, I know, saved me some time to huff and puff thru the box jumps. I liked this wod and felt like I put up a pretty respectable number. Moving on.

Number 2. I apparently lost all my photos from the past 2 years when I updated my laptop. There are a few still there and some videos, but over 400 photos are not showing up in iPhoto. Son of a bitch. They are in my finder but I can't get them to transfer over to iPhoto without an error. So, with that being said, the recipes I was planning on posting will have to take a back seat for a bit until I can figure out how to fix this. Ugh.

Number 3. I've got too much on my plate. Between the stupid stuff like getting my tire fixed, shopping, prepping for painting, reading at my son's story time, workouts and regular everyday house stuff I've been maxed out. Fortunately I've been feeling great energy wise since tightening up the diet and taking my vitamins so I'm able to keep up and get everything done, but shit, I need a break. We're leaving for Florida in about 10 days and I have not one thing done in preparation. Usually I'm well ahead of the game for a big family outting like this. Oh wait, I did buy new bathing suits for myself and the kids. OK, so I have one thing done.

Number 4. At 8pm last night we got a visit from our local policeman saying hey, we chased a robbery suspect behind your house yesterday afternoon and he stole two guns which may or may not have been thrown over your fence as he was escaping, mind if we take a look? UH WHAT? It was just a precaution but still. Yikes. A guy running from the cops with stolen guns behind my house? What is this COPS? I live in yuppyville central not the hood. Anyway, he was caught and there were no guns for my kids to play with.

Well, off to hook the new kitchen tv up, start taping the trim and get some laundry done. It never ends.

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