Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I did it!

I finally found pre-made gluten free frozen meatballs. I know. I can't contain my excitement. Not that I can't make my own meatballs but on those days where I don't really feel like cooking or everything is either frozen or needs to be marinated for hours, dinner usually ends up zoodles or spaghetti squash spaghetti and meatballs or sausage. And let me tell you, it was hard to find frozen meatballs that did not have wheat flour based bread crumbs included. No, I wouldn't make a habit of eating them but it's a nice easy go to when I need it.

Anyway enough about meatballs. Been feeling good lately, back to a good schedule, taking my fish oil and vitamin D. Had a nice IF day yesterday and then loaded up on a white rice/chicken/cheese burrito bowl for dinner. Which was awesome by the way. I'm pretty sure the extra calories and starch helped me smash some high hang power clean and jerks @95 this morning. My hang clean has really improved over the last few months. 95 used to be pretty tough and was weak 1rm, now I can do a few in a row and still feel good about them. Progress. The metcon went well today too. I didn't think it would since it involved one arm kettlebell snatches and pull ups. My left arm kb snatch is pathetic and am pretty sure by the summer I'll look like Popeye with one jacked arm and one weak ass arm if I don't do something about it. Today I actually found the rhythm of the snatch swing which has eluded me in the past. Maybe it was lack of practice since I've only had the 35# bell for a little over 3 months, but something just clicked today. And even my weak ass left arm was able to get it done. No anchor tattoo for me anytime soon.

Got a few more recipes in testing phase. One needs a tweak here and there but it's about 90% yummy. Tomorrow I'll have a nice easy mango pineapple salsa recipe which is great on fish, chicken or pork.

Both kids have been sick the past few days. Thankfully they are both feeling better today and finally went back to school. They really pushed my buttons yesterday. My little guy just got home from school and has passed out in his room. Probably only the 4th or 5th time he has ever willingly turned down the chance to play xbox and crawled into bed instead. Poor Bud. My daughter went on another 6 mile mud trail bike ride with daddy this weekend. Then on Sunday she rode to the grocery store (about 3 miles or so) with dad in 40 degree weather. Think that may have put her over the edge on her cold. She's feeling better though. She took the day yesterday to relax, nap and have some broth which helped a ton. Who doesn't love a good nap? Which is exactly where I'm headed in a few. I'm back to reading The Wheel of Time books, well, the last one that just came out a few weeks ago. It's a good book but can be very sloooow which on some days is the perfect relaxation technique to get me to pass out in my favorite chair only to wake myself up snoring 20 minutes later. Yes, I snore. If you say you don't, you lie like a rug.

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