Friday, November 11, 2011


I know I needed a rest day yesterday but why do I feel so guilty when I take one? I also noticed I feel so sluggish and tired by the end of the day. You would think the opposite would be true since I didn't do anything other than 14 pull ups. Big whoop. I didn't eat properly either... appetite is all over the place right now. I'm just not hungry some days which isn't good. My calorie consumption has been really low. Good to lose a few pounds but not good for my energy levels at all. I've also had little to no motivation this week for WODs. Maybe I'm going thru a lull. I haven't been doing my regular WODs from my forum since they've all been heavy on overhead stuff lately. My shoulder has been giving me some problems and the last thing I want to do is aggravate it for Sunday. I watched about 45 minutes of mudder videos yesterday for some inspiration... or laughs. What could be funnier than a person getting shocked and doing a face plant in the mud right? Ut oh, I think I hear karma knocking on the door. Oh wait, thats actually my 4 year old son smashing his sisters bedroom door with a transformer. She has her little girlfriend over today and they've locked themselves in her room with the words no boys allowed. Poor bud. I had a feeling this would happen.

Not much else to report other than the bbq sauce I made the other day works really well with turkey meatloaf. Tomorrow will be another rest day with some foam rolling and plenty of water, carbs and protein. Off to the race by 5:30am on Sunday. I'll post the torturous details when I can lift my arms.

Rest day
Recon Ron Pull ups
Step 7/6: 4-4-2-2-2


WOD - from CrossFit Phoenixville
kettlebell swing - 20#
kettlebell squats
kettlebell snatch R
kettlebell snatch L


Recon Ron Pull ups
Step 7/7: 4-4-2-2-2

*Notes - feeling sluggish thursday, in a crappy mood, body still sore and overworked. Kb workout was ok. Focused on good form for snatches, not so much time. Still need more practice with the kb's. 9 set was done without putting the kb down. Pull ups felt weak today. Not sure why.

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