Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Bud vs playground equipment vol 1

I'm fairly certain anyone with young male children has made at least one trip to the ER. Bud is only 5 and we have been there twice already. Monday at school my little guy ran full on into the metal pole of the slide ladder. He had, or still has a bump on his forehead the size of another small head and apparently he jammed his finger at the same time. Once I saw the finger turning purple and he wasn't able to bend it we made our way to the ER. They did an x-ray and saw that he did in fact fracture his knuckle. Shit. Not much you can do for a finger so they put a splint on it and sent us on our way with a follow up visit to the ortho today. The ortho said the same thing, not much else to do so he re-taped it with a stronger splint and we have another follow up in 3 weeks. He thought about a small cast because Bud is a crazy, err.... an active little boy and that it would help to protect it, but said the splint should work just as well as long as he doesn't play any contact sports. Ha! Every parent of a boy will tell you EVERYTHING is a contact sport. Ok. He feels fine though, says it hurts when he bends it but now he can't so we should be good to go. I have a feeling the splint will not make it 3 weeks but we'll see.

Taking a recovery day today. My legs are fried from the front squats the other day so I'll probably just do some arm stuff, maybe pull ups, push ups, kbs and roll out. I did practice some of those skin the cats the other day. Wow. Dizzying. Almost face planted a few times but at least I'm learning to drop off the rings and not ride them until I'm almost touching the floor. Shoulder has been feeling a little achy the past few days, unsure what I did to make it flair up since overhead stuff usually doesn't aggravate it much. May have been the pathetic ring dips a few days ago.

No new items on the menu lately. I'm thinking of revamping an old lasagna roll recipe we used to eat years ago. This time I'll stuff them with some shredded chicken, red bell pepper and spinach... maybe top with a little marinara and fontina or some other yummy bad for you cheese. Other than that, been a little uninspired as of late.

Tonight is supposed to be make up Halloween for our neighborhood and it's supposed to snow/sleet/rain. Mother Fucker. Snow. Really? Ugh. Have to suck it up and pull out the snow gear I guess.

Happy that the election is finally over. Honestly I thought Twit Romney was going to win for a while there. I like Obama and hope he can improve our current situation. Only time will tell.

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