Monday, November 5, 2012

Where do I begin

It's been a crazy week here in the Chase household. Hurricane Sandy blew thru Monday night knocking our pine tree down, bringing branches down in the back and shredding parts of the swingset canopy. What a mess. I've never seen a tree actually fall down before. Luckily it fell onto the street and not anywhere near our house or the neighbor's car. It took about 3 days to get the yard cleaned up and all the wood burned. We have a fire pit and it came in handy. We actually spent the better part of this weekend making a fire to get rid of it all.

Can't remember much of what else happened. Halloween was postponed to this Wednesday when we are supposed to get a Noreaster. Talk about timing. Nothing spells fun like trick or treating in wind and rain and 40 degree temps. I do feel bad so I told the kids we'll go to a few houses and call it a night.

Wods were put on hold for the week while I did the yard work. And once that was done, I needed a true rest day. My body was beat, I was cranky as hell being stuck home with the kids all week with no sun and doing way too much snacking. I'm sure had I just sucked it up and put time aside to do a wod I would have felt better but I think I needed a break from that too. My diet has taken a nasty turn with all the Halloween candy and boredom. Boredom leads to snacking and although I don't buy a lot of sugary junk, we do still have kid snacks like chips and Cookie Crisp cereal. I did make gluten/sugar free friendly chocolate chip cookies and ate way too many of them. Need to fast today and get myself back on track, hopefully I can stick to it.

Bob and I did get to go out to dinner on Friday night to celebrate our 12 year anniversary. I had a gruyere, red pepper and spinach stuffed pork tenderloin with sweet potatoes and apples. Bob went with the steak, mashed potatoes and brussle sprouts. It was pretty good. Honestly, we've had better pork and steak at home, but it was great to get out to a nice restaurant with no kids and not have to cook and clean.

Todays wod was a good one. I actually went with mainsite since it looked interesting. Front squat ladder, 1 heavy, 10-20-30 at decreasing weights. Challenging for sure since I haven't done that many front squats in quite a while, let alone heavy. I can already feel my it in my thighs as I came down the stairs... they were a little wobbly. Ut oh.

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