Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Feeling crappy

How does a week go by that fast? I can't even remember what I was doing. Oh right, playing Halo 4. Now I remember. Lost a lot of hours to that game this past weekend.

Workouts have been ok. Outlaw has been slow to post with the exception of The Way's wods, which I do do, but the scaled version. And they haven't been total ass kickers as of late but I'm sure that will change. I did end up doing about 100+ kettlebell swings the other day which wasn't fun, but not the most terrible thing I've ever done. Today on the menu is back squats, power cleans and double unders. My nemesis.

For the past two days now I've been having dizzy spells. Not quite sure what's going on with that, possibly an inner ear infection... don't know yet but it's really annoying. I took a rest day yesterday because of it, well, I had other stuff to get done, but the main reason was I wasn't feeling great. I just hope it's not the beginnings of a killer virus I sometimes get called Otitis Media. It's basically an ear infection but comes along with a hacking keep you up all night despite 4 cups of Nyquil cough that lasts for weeks. I did manage to do my back squats today but that was it. Not only did I get a little dizzy, I also felt a little nauseous. It's one thing to do a wod that makes you feel like puking it's quite another when you already feel like puking before you start.

I never got a chance to make my lasagna roll ups this past weekend. I did however make some good lamb burgers with a tzatiki sauce. Real easy. I stole the recipe from Primal Palate but altered it a bit. Just adding the mint, onion and garlic didn't seem to give the meat that binding glue it needed. It was a little too crumbly so I threw in an egg and some almond flour as well. More like making a meatball. They were pretty darn tasty with the cucumber yogurt on top but if you're dairy free, I think I would make a little greek salad type garnish with tomatoes, cucs, olives and red wine vinegar.

We've decided to cook Thanksgiving dinner here this year. 99% of the time everyone comes here and I usually cook for about 15-20 people. This year we had an option of going to my inlaws inlaws, which would be great, the kids would get to hang out with their cousins and it would be a nice time but I was stressing over the lack of gluten free, sugar free choices I would have. Not that I couldn't or wouldn't make due and enjoy the cooking/cleaning/stress free 3 day adventure that comes along with hosting a major holiday dinner, but we like to cook and we also have some friends and other family that don't cook and we don't get a chance to see that often. So today I start researching and planning and shopping and planning and shopping again. Mr Turkey is already in the fridge, Bob found a good squash recipe from The Clothes Make the Girl who I like, Primal Palate has a great gravy recipe... I'm sure everything will be great. It always is. And honestly, everything I make is pretty clean to begin with, just takes some tweaking here and there to reduce the flour and sugar count. If I see anything outstanding in my research I'll link it.

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