Tuesday, November 27, 2012

wow, 2 weeks? really?

I just noticed the last time I posted was Nov 14th. Eeek. What the hell have I been doing? Well, I was.... eh, I don't remember all the details. And really who cares. I'll just start with Thanksgiving. It was great. Low key this year with only 6 of us. The food came out fabulous as usual. I ended up going gluten free on everything which wasn't as tough as you may think. I made some bread for the stuffing, subbed almond flour in the gravy and used brown rice pasta in the lasagna. Now, gluten free is not to say the meal was paleo compliant because lord knows it wasn't. But, hey, it wasn't overloaded with wheat and sugar and processed products so I'm happy. It was however loaded with alcohol. Or I was anyway. I drank way too much over the long weekend. Not that I was falling down drunk, but over a 4 day period, it was enough. Wednesday was 'oh I'll just drink the white wine since I had to open it anyway', Thanksgiving morning was bloody marys and bacon for breakfast. Bloody Marys are a Chase household tradition on turkey day. Our guests bought us a lovely bottle of tequila which had to be tested out. Friday night we had our usual week ending drinks. Saturday was a spur of the moment 'the neighbors invited us over for a beer and pasta bar' day; which of course for me ended up being more tequila, hard ice tea and meatballs and sausage. Not a good combo. I drank enough to kill a small horse but because I can handle my alcohol... most of the time, I didn't feel too bad the next day. The only exception being all the sugar in the tea and the flour in the meatballs.... which I forgot about until my stomach reminded me that night. Eh, it was all fun but I'll be glad to clean up this week with no sugar and no alcohol.

My workouts have been crappy to say the least. My schedule was so screwed up, so between that and feeling crappy from food and drink and something else... which I'm still not sure about, I didn't start to feel good until Saturday morning. I got out in the garage feeling good, ready for a good beating and it all went downhill from there. I was unloading the bar in the rack, took all the weight off one side (I know, idiot) the bar tipped, obviously and landed on my little heater smashing it into a few pieces. Shit. Moving on. After my deadlifts which went pretty well actually, I was doing my first set of 24" burpee box jumps and I missed. Needless to say I have a 4" gash on my shin and after 3 days, it's still swollen and sore as a mother. But, the Crossfitter in me continued on with my wod. Not sure if it was stupidity, adrenaline or what at that point. I did NOT however do more box jumps. Didn't have the balls to try it again. I probably won't for a little while. They are a mental game for me as it is now I'll have a scar to make it that much more difficult. Oh well, I'll get over it eventually.

Not much else going on, celebrated my 41st birthday yesterday with some much needed retail therapy, sweet new boots, a 35lb kettlebell and Crossfit jewerly from Fashletics. Nothing says I love you more than a 35lb ball of metal. And yes, I requested it. I'm nothing if not practical.

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