Friday, October 26, 2012


If there's anything worse than dish soap remnants left in the coffee maker, I don't know what it could be. I love my coffee, I NEED my coffee so I'll drink it anyway, doesn't mean I won't complain about it though.

Since Zombies are all the rage in our household this was the design for the pumpkin this year. Took me 4 1/2 hours. Although a good 2 hours of that was because I have kids to take care of and do shit for. All free hand. Me and my exacto knife.

Speaking of knives. I did have some close calls while carving this guy out and I still have all my fingers, but much to my dismay, it was the vegetable peeler that got the best of me. I managed to slice a nice chunk off my finger last night while peeling potatoes. Yeah, gross. And it hurts like a son of a bitch too. I guess thats what I get for peeling potatoes while trying to explain to my daughter's friend that I don't think she should play Limbo anymore if it creeped her out so much last time. I don't want any rabid moms breaking down my door because I let them play a mildly disturbing video game. I might not be in the running for mother of the year awards but sometimes you have to know when to say when.

Last nights crockpot beef and mushroom gravy was pretty good. I feel like it was lacking a little something though. Not sure if I just didn't use enough salt and pepper or what. I mean, overall it was a good healthy hearty comfort dish but I think it could be improved with something. I did add some chopped red potatoes for the last hour to make it more of a meal and they were a good addition. Yes, red potatoes. Call the paleo police. But I still feel like it was missing something. Eh, I'm sure I'll try it again so maybe I'll come up with that missing something next time.

Found some grassfed filet at Giant. I'm shocked that the grassfed stuff is making it's way into a regular chain grocery store. Of course I picked that up right away. Thinking, filet, sauteed spinach and garlic and some roasted butternut squash covered in raw honey and cinnamon. Bob and I are addicted to this Once Again Dawes Hill raw honey. It's not cheap and it has a very distinct taste but so worth it if you like a little honey on your sweet potatoes or in your yogurt or tea.

No wod for me, got a bunch of stuff to get done today and my lower back is screaming from the deadlifts. I expected it to so no surprise there. And the fact that my next wod looks just awful, that made my decision a little easier.

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