Thursday, October 25, 2012

Crockpot beef and deadlifts

Crap. Didn't realize it had been a week already since my last post. Hmmm, what has happened? Nothing much sadly... little man has been sick for the past few days, I made some fabulous bacon wrapped scallops with chili butter. All I can say was wow. They were delicious and easy as hell too. The key though is good bacon. I wouldn't use the plain ole Oscar Meyer that may be in the fridge. Go for the uncured stuff, it has such a better taste which the scallops need since they are so mild.

Workouts have been tough lately. I feel like I always say that but it's true. Lateral burpee over the box jumps? Really? The burpee box jump I could do but jumping sideways onto the box, forget it. That is a recipe for disaster. The other day was 75 kb swings and like 60 shoulder taps along with tons of muscle ups. Well, muscle up progressions for me, but they still take effort. Today's wod was challenging. Ok, I didn't like it for one second but it's done. Run, pull ups, deadlift. Eeek. There was something about this combo today that made me feel sick. Not quite sure if it was pull ups to deadlifts or deadlifts to run, either way I still can't bring myself to eat anything yet. Upset with myself that I had to lower the deadlift weight but I just couldn't manage 165 for 36 reps today and that was 20# lower than rx'd! Maybe I psyched myself out beforehand, don't know but I wasn't able to do more than 1, 2 at a time at that weight. Back squats felt great today. Hopefully on the next 1RM test I'll get my 195.

Shoulder has been feeling pretty good (fingers crossed) for the past week or so. Not sure what was/is happening, if I had a minor tear or something that is finally healing... who the hell knows but it's feeling  pretty good. Not great, but better than it has in a long time. Maybe I'm just getting better at cleans and snatches and I'm not putting myself in crappy shoulder pain inducing situations. Don't know but whatever it is I'm happy with it.

Going with PaleOMG's crockpot beef with mushroom gravy today. There's nothing better than having dinner done at 11am. It literally took me 5 minutes to put it together too. Love it. I'll report back tomorrow on how it was. I'm guessing it will be pretty good. Most of her stuff is. If it wasn't, I wouldn't be wasting my time.

Going to be a long night tomorrow night. My daughter has a halloween dance party at school and I volunteered to hand out candy to the kids. Yay me for getting involved. I'm that parent that doesn't usually get involved in school activities. Hate to admit it, but I can't handle some of the over zealous PTO moms and the 'my child is the lead in the dance class, cheerleading, girl scouts and can read on a 5th grade level already' shit. I mean, what could my comback be? Well, hey my daughter can watch Resident Evil and think it's funny? Or my daughter can play the drums in Rock Band better than most adults? I don't think they would find it amusing at all. Although, I would.

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