Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Well that sucked

Nothing like a cramp in the calf to slow you down. Guess my legs didn't like the thruster to run transition. Oh well. I was really dreading todays workout as it was so that just made it even worse. 60 toes to bar, 40 thrusters and 800m. Yep, it was a fun as it sounds. I will say this, the thrusters @65 were more manageable than they have been in the past but I still had to break them up. My traps and shoulders are still tight from the 70 odd handstand chest taps the other day... which was really stupid of me, but I felt great while doing it. Handstands are challenging with my bum shoulders and weak wrists so I took advantage of the rare pain free day. I did have to take a rest day yesterday since I over did it. I think if your chest and sides hurt when you cough or sneeze, that means you over did it. I can hear the coaches from BrandX in my head screaming 'you dum dum, don't go so hard you can't do tomorrows wod'. Isn't that like, rule #2? I've never been one for rules, anyway. Maybe I am a dum dum.

Speaking of dum dums. Last nights debate was a good one. I was a bit surprised that Romney allowed himself to be bullied thru most of it and didn't focus on actually answering the questions before making jabs at what Obama did or didn't do. And I liked that Obama found his fire this time around but I'm still unsure if he can make good on what he's promising. I guess that would be the case for any politician though. Say what we want to hear to get elected then do what they want to do. As I posted on Facebook, I want to see next weeks debate in the octagon. UFC style battle would settle everything. I would love to see Romney lay out his 5 point plan before he gets choked out.

May attempt to make some pumpkin muffins today. I feel like baking. If I do, and that's a pretty big if, hopefully I'll remember to post it and take a picture.

I also have to give a shout out to my friend Lynne. She has been making her own Kombucha and she brought me a sample the other day. Apple cinnamon. It was awesome. She offered me one of the scobys, scoobies, scobies?? to try to make one myself. I'm pretty good about figuring out recipes and making good meals, but this seems to be out of my reach. Not sure I have what it takes to make it work. Well, I'm good at putting things on the shelf and forgetting about them, it's just the remembering to do the rest that may hinder me.

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