Monday, April 8, 2013

13.4 and 13.5 done and ehh

Well the open wods are finally finished and I must say even though I sucked at 75% of them, it was enjoyable and I actually found out I am a little stronger than I thought. Although, I do always look to the negative so when, or, if I do surpass expectations, it feels much more satisfying. Take for example the last wod 13.5. Everyone that reads this blog knows I despise thrusters immensely let alone the Fran combo. No I do not 'heart' Fran. She's a bitch and we don't get along. And my chance of stringing any pull ups together is only second to getting struck by lightning. Needless to say my expectations were very low. I thought ok, 4 minutes, I can-at-least-should-be-able-may-be-close-not-sure-I-will-get-more-than-possibly-30 reps. Way to be positive. But alas, I came in with 46 reps. Then because I was feeling like 4 minutes wasn't really enough, I did a scaled Diane and went for a slow family bike ride. If only I could have put that extra energy into the wod and pushed harder.

13.4 was another disaster for me. Not that I didn't enjoy the movements and reps, but multiple 95lb clean and jerks are heavy for me. It's only been in the past month or so that I could even get a handful of them off the ground. Maybe it was because it was the first wod I did after vacation and my body was ready to go, unsure but I managed about 26 reps. Oh well, there's always next year. Got a nice 3 mile walk/run in today at the park. Totally spur of the moment but decided I needed to be outside in the great weather rather than in the garage. Practiced the non heel strike motion since I was wearing my minimus sneakers. I have a feeling my calves are not going to be happy later.

On to food. This weekend I made another great recipe from The Domestic Man. Chicken Pad Thai. It was really good and holy hell it was spicy! I even cut back on the peppers and it was still a bit much. My advice is if you like a little spice 1/4 the peppers, if you like spice that makes your nose run do about 3/4 and if you are a hardcore spice fanatic use what the recipe calls for. Seriously. It was HOT. Yeah I know it's supposed to be but damnit, there's a limit. I will definitely try this again with shrimp and zoodles thats for sure. Bob found the Tamarind in Whole Foods. Actually we had to use Tamarind chutney and I believe it was in the Indian Foods section. I didn't even know what it was but I'll tell you it's pretty good and I'm planning on using the rest of it in a BBQ mixture for pork or maybe a burger dip or topper. If I get a recipe together using it I'll post it.

Speaking of recipes, still nothing on the iphoto thing. Not only have I just not had the time, I also seemed to have lost the handful of recipes I had typed up. Damn Pages app won't open. I did however make a pretty delicious, fast and light veggie wrap last night using gluten free wraps. Bob and I are big on salads in the warmer months and am looking forward to trying some new combinations. Because really, who can eat the same ole chef salad over and over.

Need to wrap up and get some more gardening done. Got a great start the past few days and planted tons of veggie seeds, trimmed, weeded, seeded, fertilized and air rated the lawn and still a ton left to do.

On the family front lets see.... kids are playing baseball and softball, 2 nights a week with opening day starting this Saturday. Bob is coaching Bud's team again and I have to fulfill like 4 hours of volunteer duty at some point this season. Should be interesting working around the schedules between both kids games and have a feeling Saturday wods and any other non baseball activities are going to be non existant for the next 8 weeks. At least they are getting outside and playing and having fun. Better than sitting around the house fighting over the ipad.

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