Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Not really a recipe per se

It's not rocket science when it comes to making good bacon and eggs. Or is it? Want a little twist, stir fry some chopped green beans (they are cheap and plentiful in the summer months) and kale in the bacon grease you get from the pan and add a little fresh or dried thyme to your fried eggies. Phoning it in today friends.

Been super busy lately between training my friend, getting the yard in order, planting the veggie garden, kids practices and games, getting my own wods and the normal household stuff done. The days are flying by with what seems like nothing to show. How does that happen?

The training sessions are going well with A. Still in basics mode. Later today will be introduction to the kettlebell, jump rope and more work on squatting form and push ups.

I was able to get my full wod in today so that is a plus. Clean and jerks which I love and am making some great progress on, 7 sets of 2 @ 95# and hspu and pull ups. Pull ups still slow me down but I'm still seeing slow progress each time on them too. I also practiced something new today. Behind the neck snatch grip squat press. Yeah. It's as challenging as it sounds. I'm sure I'm not labeling it right but that's what it was. Man, they are tough. I only used the stick then the 16# bar. That was enough. Funny just when you think your form is improving, theres always another humbling movement. It was in a journal article the other day. Thought it sounded interesting and that it would help my squat snatch since I suck at them.

Anyway, off to get some stuff done and take care of my daughter who is home with a cold today.

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