Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I know I've been lame about posting

It seems like every day I just run out of time. I'm getting a lot accomplished, but it never seems to end. Spring time means tons of yard work of course. This year we planted some new shrubs, moved ornamental grass and plants and planted a new Dogwood tree. Today the 500 tons of mulch was delivered. Ok, not 500 tons but enough so I can't pull my car up all the way in the driveway. Tomorrow will be back breaking shoveling and hauling heavy loads around the house. Good thing I do Crossfit otherwise I would never be able to handle the damn wheelbarrow (wheelbarrel?) all day.

Wods have been good. Took a Crossfit mental health day yesterday. Body felt good, brain wanted no parts of a workout though. It doesn't happen very often but over the years I've learned to go with my gut and not force it. I did get the ceiling in the hallway painted so it wasn't a wasted day off thats for sure. Today was heavy back squats in which I was able to partially get 205. The first time I got stuck but the next 2 were a little better. I'm not sure if I got all the way down. I guess if I'm not sure, then I probably didn't so I'm not counting it as a new PR today. They did feel pretty good so maybe next time I'll hit it full on. The metcon was sucky today. Three rounds 400m, ttb and heavy push jerks. Yikers they were heavy at 105# but I slogged thru them. Time was slower than I would have liked but didn't really feel the need to scale. Sucking it up!

Training with A is going well. Back squats were the focus today. She actually had her best squatting form today. Weight on the back will do that and that's what I was hoping for. I had her in the cage too so I guess for her the fear of falling with the bar was gone. Slowly but surely we are making progress. Only a few more basics to get thru, wall balls, cleans, push jerks... then I'll start her on buttercup wods on BrandX. Going to jump into it head on. She has a goal in mind which is good. In 5 weeks she needs to be in a bathing suit for a carnival dunk tank. Good motivation for both of us.

Gotta a few new recipes in the bank... just a matter of tweaking and photographing.

Kids are doing well in baseball. My daughter made the first and only fly ball catch so far. So proud of her. Sure, it was probably more luck than anything but she was excited about it and it can only make her more confident in the future.

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