Friday, April 19, 2013

No Mr Heavy Back Squat, I do not like you

today. Don't you hate it when your back squats feel like your trying to lift a car... or a house? Ok, mobile home. Thats how mine felt today. As soon as I got under the 165 I thought, ut oh. Normally I'm able to squash those thoughts pretty quickly. Not today for some reason. After the third set of 3 I moved the bar into the cage, juuuust incase. At that point I think just having the safety pin as backup, I was able to get the rest (175, 185) with no real issues. Other than it just sucking. Past 2 wods have beat me up for sure but overall, happy with the progress and the ability to finally do most of Outlaw's wods as rx'd (over 2 months now) and recover relatively well from them. That only solidifies my decision to move on to The Way's programming this summer. I'm pretty sure May/June will be a year with Outlaw and I've seen some pretty terrific progress with them so I'm hoping with the increase in workload with The Way, I'll hit some new pr's this summer.

My mom friend is coming along pretty well with her workouts. Still with me after 5 wods so that's a plus. Today was intro to the deadlift and burpee. No real issues so far other than full rom on squats, which we are working on. And surprisingly I'm finding that I'm a pretty decent coach, at least with the easy stuff so far. We'll see what happens when I really have to motivate later when wods get harder and heavier. I'm pretty good at telling people what to do so I should be able to handle it effectively. I may have one less friend, but it's a chance I'll take. Kidding of course. Actually I may have 2 more moms by next week. A is the guinea pig. If she survives I'm sure the other 2 moms will give in. Fear of the unknown I guess. And I noticed today that she noticed those ring rows today were a tiny bit easier. That makes me happy. She even pointed it out, 'hey did you notice I leaned back farther?' Yes I did.

Nothing new on the recipe front. Grilling up some grassfed rib eyes tonight with some grilled raddichio, blue cheese and balsamic (if it comes out as yummy as I hope I'll post it), and some sweet pots. Tomorrow or Sunday will probably be Bob's bison chili. Other than that, baseball and yardwork on the menu again this weekend. Fun fun.

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