Friday, April 12, 2013

Housewife army!

So. My neighbor mommy friend has decided to join me in the garage for the daily beatings. And next week she is brining another mutual mom friend. Muhahaha, and so it begins. My own mini army. Seriously though. I'm really excited to share my experience and knowledge with the ladies. No I'm no certified trainer but after almost 3 years, I know enough to teach a beginner the basics and to get them started on the right path. I'm hoping they stick with me for at least a month.

This morning I had mom #1 or "A" in for a basic run thru on why and how to warmup and stretch then the baseline test. Squats, sit ups, push ups and pull ups. She did ok and I think was surprised she could do pull ups even with the band. Thinking I'll go thru 2 new movements each session if I can before moving on to scaled mainsite wods. Maybe something like shoulder presses and step ups on the box. Should be interesting and am looking forward to seeing the results. Getting my wods in may be a challenge but, I'll figure it out.

That being said I did get to do some strength today after A was finished. Semi heavy back squats with 30 and 45 second 'rest' holds in between reps. No racking. That was no fun and had to bail out on the last set @ 150#. Wasn't sure I would get out of the hole if I went down and my back was rounding a bit so I had re rack and try again. Haven't done heavy back squats in about 3 weeks so I'm sure my legs will be nice and sore tomorrow. Just in time for the long day at the baseball field.

Opening day is tomorrow for the kids baseball season. Parade starts at 8:30, games at 10 and 12. Long day but exciting for them. Later on Bob and I are going to see Evil Dead. No, I don't really want to see it. I'm a chicken sh*t when it comes to overly freaky horror movies and this one seems to meet that criteria. My only hope is that everyone else around me will drown out my shrieks of terror.

Not to end with a sad note but I have to say goodbye to my mom and dad's dog Zoe who passed this morning. She was a sweet little soul and will be missed terribly.

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