Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Still not 100%,  maybe 85%. Thought I would take it slow today and just do strength but the adrenaline got the best of me so I did a 3 minute wod and some running since it is a beautiful day today. The antibiotic is making me a little feel a bit pukey but nothing I can't handle. I don't think I've ever done V-ups so when Bob showed me how I thought, pisshaw, not too bad, I can do that. Oh, how wrong I was. I can do them, sort of, ok, they were ugly, but I was going for practice today so it was a learning experience. I also practiced wall balls with the ginormous 20# ball. Proud to report no broken nose, no dropped balls, no catches in the gut... good day. Even threw in some backwards running which wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.

Made Primal Palate's citrus marinated flank steak last night. The meat was good, tender, juicy, although there was no distinct citrus taste which is what I was expecting. Bob suggested lime and/or orange zest may turn it up a notch. I think making the marinade and using it on top of the cooked meat may do the trick. May need to try both next time.

*breakfast - eggs w/beef, collards, salsa
snack - orange cranberry cereal bar, hummus, turkey
dinner - turkey portabella burgers w/guacamole, bacon, cheddar

kb swings
good mornings
shoulder presses

Recon Ron
Step 10/4

Back Squat
warm: 5x65, 85#
work: 5x105, 110, 115#

WOD (nft)
20# wall ball
push ups

4x50m sprint & backwards run
1/2 mile light jog w/stroller

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