Thursday, March 22, 2012

There's something about Percoset...

that is kinda like marijuana. It makes me temporarily stupid and eh. Not so sure it takes the pain away, but is doing a good job distracting me from it. The pain in my neck started a few days ago when I woke up. I just attributed it to a combination of shitty pillows and sleeping awkward. It was like trying to put pants on over your shoes, annoying but manageable. Then yesterday during my TTB warmup I pulled something. It was pretty painful immediately. Did some of my physical therapy stretches for my neck, rolled on the lacrosse ball a bit and it loosened up. So I started on my back squats even though the little voice inside my head was screaming stop it fool! In my defense, the back squat itself didn't hurt, getting under the bar in the rack hurt.

I tried going natural at first, stretching, rolling, ice, heat, I even used Arnicare... which by the way does nothing for me. I've been told it's because 'I don't believe in it'. Really? I didn't realize it's ego needed to be stroked like Tinkerbell. Maybe if I clap hard enough, it will work for me. Anyway, here I am resting and taking Percoset with possibly a side order of some other narcotic or muscle relaxer later. Looks like I may be able to finish The Hunger Games today... and possibly the new Angry Birds level. Don't judge.

*can't remember what I ate at the moment

Back Squat
warm: 5x75, 95#
work: 5x110, 115, 120#

Rest day
breakfast - eggs w/beef, collards

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