Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Yeah, so I slogged thru 3 rounds of a pretty challenging wod, for me anyway. I'm not great at dumbbell anything and I still kinda suck at unassisted pull ups but my theory today was to slog thru and see how I do. Need to start upping my weights and stop being scared of the 'I can't do that'. I can do them, just not in great time so I hesitate and scale. Which isn't wrong, but it's keeping me from testing to see what I actually can do. Not using it as an excuse or anything but it was my first metcon back after a week off. Wow, endurance takes a hit when you take time off. After the first round I thought yeah ok, this blows I'm tired already. So my point is, even when I'm a dumbbell and misjudge a wod, it's all good even though sometimes it's a humbling experience. Think we all need that reality check every so often.

So I decided to do another Tough Mudder. Anxiety is no where near as high as last year since I have an idea of what to expect, but it's still going to be tough. Now we need the ok for someone to watch our kids and we'll sign up. My friend asked me why I would pay to be tortured again. Hmmm, my response would have to be well you joined a box didn't you? Snicker snicker.

*breakfast - oatmeal. lunch - roast beast, grapes, banana and veggie chips, gluten free pretzels w/hummus. dinner - sauteed shrimp and turkey sausage w/collards. 

kb swings
good mornings
shoulder press

Back Squat
warm: 5x65, 85
work: 5x100, 105, 110#

Five rounds for time of: scaled to 3
35 pound Dumbbell squat clean thruster, 7 reps - 25#
10 Pull-ups


*notes - All pull ups were unassisted, tough but unassisted. few were jumping since my arms were fried. bit off more than I could chew with the 25# dumbbells.  Form was iffy on third round. Scaled to 3 rounds since time was not on my side today.  

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  1. :P
    You'll have fun, I know. And, even if you guys can't stay b/c of Bob's allergies, the kids can still stay over if you need help.