Monday, March 5, 2012

Yay, I'm sore again

Is it strange that I'm happy to be feeling sore from exercising? What is it about CrossFit that makes me feel good even when I'm sore enough that walking down the steps is a challenge? Pain means I did something. It's a reminder that I worked. Well, there is good pain and bad pain. In my case, good pain. I didn't injure myself yesterday, just did too many squats. Normally 75+ 95# squats wouldn't bother much anyway, but after 7 days off, ouch. But all is right with the world again. Hopefully this will have been my last bout with sickness for at least the rest of the year. Shit, maybe I shouldn't have mentioned it.

Found an interesting new Paleo recipe site called Modern Paleo Warfare. Let me just say I love them. Humor above all. There's nothing like a few Brits take on CrossFit and food. I haven't gone thru all the recipes yet, but they sound good and worth a try. Full disclosure, I clicked on their link thru Primal Palate and what got my attention was the xbox gamer nerd in me. Modern Warfare. If I didn't have children or a house to take care of... or a life,  I would play all day and crush those little bastard kids that kick my ass all the time. Nothing like being shot in the face with a shotgun by a 40 year old mom. They hate it. But I digress... the humor of the site is what I like. Who thinks of humping a steak at the butchers shop? These guys. Anyway, if you don't check them out yourselves, I'll report back once I try some recipes. I'm pretty snobby when it comes to cooking. I know how to cook and I know when someone can't.

IF day for me. Needed one. Haven't done it in a few weeks. One thing I am happy with is that over the 7 days I didn't exercise, I didn't gain weight. More proof that there is more to losing weight than just exercising. I think in the past because I ran, or because I went to the gym it was ok to eat crap food. Oh how dumb I was.

*breakfast - oatmeal w/bananas, pb, flax. lunch - none. dinner - tilapia w/roasted carrots and tomato cuc salad

good mornings
kb swings
push presses
front squats

Front Squat
warm: 5x65, 3x85
work: 5x95, 95, 100#
high rep back squats @90# 21-15-9

Recon Ron
Step 11/2: 6-4-4-3-3

Deadlift-squat clean-push press-OHS (1 of ea)
bar does not leave hands, increase weight each round, rest between as rounds needed, go until failure
45, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75, 80#

*each week I’m going to add a rep. Next week 2 of each, following week 3….

Obvious limiting factor for me is OHS, but good practice for both squat cleans and OHS.

*fasting day. dinner - will be roasted whole chicken w/lemon, garlic, parsley, sweet pots, broccoli. 

good mornings
stretching, lots of stretching

Shoulder Press
warm: 10x16.5#
work: 5x45, 50, 55
high rep @45# 10-7-5

*notes - No WOD today. legs are sore from squats. traps beat from ohs. did manage to get 80, but not below parallel. 

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