Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Rest, rest, rest

May be worth mentioning, or not, depending on what you think of the magazine Muscle and Performance. Now, I don't know where it came from, I think it's free from Bob's Vitamin Shoppe membership rewards thing... unsure. I know we don't pay for it. Whenever it comes in the mail I skim thru and usually laugh at most of it. Really, 90% of it is protein ads with these ginormously muscled, veiny, oily men. So gross. Anyway, today I saw there was an article in the 'For Women' section (which is one page) called The Cure For Cardio. And in that article was a paragraph dedicated to CrossFit. They even promoted CF Kids. On one hand, I'm happy to see CF getting it's due, wherever it comes from. On the other, I'm sad to see what used to be a small, dare I say underground exercise community go mainstream. I know it's good for trainers and boxes to make money with the new influx of rookies, but I'm still unsure as to how the mainstream media is going to react. They always overdo everything and blow it out of proportion. Only time will tell I guess.

Although today was my normal rest day, I would have taken one anyway, I think. My legs are still sore from Sundays squats and tomorrow is heavy back squat day, so rest day it is.

Deciding on whether to register for the next Tough Mudder. It's next month in the poconos at a ski resort. Scared it will be cold again and with water obstacles, eh, it was hard being that cold and wet. Only real problem is who is going to watch the kids overnight since it's a few hours drive we'll need to stay up there the night before.... need to make my mind up and find a sitter quick.

Rest Day
*breakfast - eggs w/kale, beef and pico. lunch - turkey, almonds, few corn chips w/hummus. dinner - turkey meatloaf w/mushrooms, tomatoes, bell peppers, onion, garlic, primal bbq, roasted broccoli

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