Monday, May 21, 2012

another beautiful weekend

Well, once again another busy weekend flies by. Friday we had some family in from out of town which meant shopping, cooking and cleaning most of the day for me. I made some pulled pork, cole slaw, Mexican beef, guacamole and salad. Saturday was the dude's baseball game and the diva's school spring fair. At least Sunday we didn't have  to do anything, we didn't have to be anywhere and it was so nice. We took full advantage of that fact and went for a long bike ride. The weather was just gorgeous and the ride was a good workout. I'm so proud of my daughter for keeping up with us all 16 miles on her little one speed bike. She is a trooper and always up for an adventure.

Workouts have been good even though I'm feeling a little sore and beat up. I was however happy to find out I can get a few pulls (3!) up the rope without using my feet. Friday I watched my 10 year old niece with envy climb up about 8' with all arms. She is a gymnast and has excellent upper body strength and control. She can also walk on her hands and do hspu's unsupported. Damn her! I'm so jealous! She would be the perfect CrossFit specimen if she ever decided to go that route. So of course I had to give the rope climb a shot.  I was actually able to get hand over hand over hand and that was about the limit. It was after a pretty brutal arm/shoulder workout, so maybe I'll give it another shot.

Haven't tried any new recipes yet but I did see a decent snack/desert recipe on a site my friend forwarded me. Berry bars with either crushed cashews or almond meal.. can't quite remember, but you can bet your ass the next time blackberries and raspberries are on sale I'll be making that one.

12 minutes to practice the 3 Position Snatch.
16 - 35(2) - 45(2) - 55(3)
3 rounds for time of:
30 Front Squats @ 115/75# - 55#
15 T2B
15 Lateral Box Jumps 20″ - 14”


Rest Day
breakfast - eggs 
lunch - nothing
dinner - pulled pork, cole slaw, mexican beef w/guacamole, brownie

breakfast - oatmeal
lunch - ??
dinner - salmon w/lemon and capers, roasted sprouts w/ghee

4X5 Weighted Ring Dips – heaviest possible, rest 90 sec.
*bodyweight only
12 minute AMRAP of:
3 Wall Walks
Run 200m
15 Push Press 95/65# - 65#

3 rounds
cooldown: 10 min jog/walk

breakfast - coconut pancakes w/bacon
lunch/snack - hummus, crackers, cereal bar, pulled pork
dinner - green beef sliders w/sauce, roasted squash, green peppers, carrots

16 mile family bike ride

breakfast - oatmeal w/pb, coconut, flax seed
lunch/snack - almonds, hummus
dinner - tilapia salad w/avocado, tomato, cucumber

12 minutes to establish a 1RM Heaving Snatch Balance:

*another movement that needs lots of work.
12 minute AMRAP of:
7 Strict Pullups
14 Pistols (alternating) - one hand support for balance only
21 V-Ups

4 rounds + 4 pull ups

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