Wednesday, May 9, 2012

i'm such a nerd

Well, that was some damn fine chicken I made last night thanks to nom nom paleo. Another easy recipe for chicken, which we all need at some point. It does need to marinate for a few hours so plan ahead. Tonight I'm going with sliders, which are becoming a weekly staple in this house. They are awesome.

Back squats went well today. Made a 10lb increase from when I started. I was hoping for 185 but just couldn't get up.

Dug the old Nintendo 64 system out of the attic. Hopefully it still works and I can get my Legend of Zelda on later. I know I've mentioned before that I'm a complete gaming nerd so this should come as no surprise when I say that there are probably about 4 old gaming systems in the house somewhere. From  Nintendo nes, Sega (I think this one is here) to first generation xbox. Not that that was too long ago, but as far as gaming consoles go, they are dinosaurs. Ok, enough geeking out. Time to get to work.

Rest Day
breakfast - eggs w/beef, broccoli, salsa
lunch/snack - almond butter, tuna salad w/lettuce and tomato
dinner - damn fine chicken, roasted carrots, cauliflower w/balsamic 

breakfast - oatmeal
lunch - damn fine chicken salad w/tomato
dinner - turkey sliders w/tomato sauce and roasted brussle sprouts

good mornings
kb swings

Back Squat 1RM test
3x100, 1x115, 1x125
140, 150, 160, 175, 180, 185(f)
New PR @180.

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