Wednesday, August 22, 2012

zucchini baseball bat and plyo box

Well where do I begin. Oh yeah, I suck. What a crappy wod today. Let me rephrase, I was crappy. I should have just listened to my body and took the rest day. My shoulders and traps are sore to the point I'm not sleeping well, eh. I shouldn't have gone with 85# on the GTO and instead of giving up, I should have lowered the weight, gotten my shit together and tried to finish out. I guess mentally I wasn't in it today. Oh well, enough complaining. At least I finished out 5 rounds. At least. 

With only 2 weeks left of summer vacation for the kids, we have been trying to make the most of it by packing lunch and heading out to the park. Fortunately we have a ton of parks and playgrounds around here to keep us from getting bored. 

On Saturday we went to a friends' house for a wod n' grill with a bunch of other crossfitters. The wod was sucky but good. Got my butt kicked which is always awesome. Nice to have a little reality check. I don't have the  advantage of working out in a box so I have to push myself. Obviously, I need to work a little harder. Noted. Food was good of course pulled pork, beef, burgers, guacamole, salad, fruit, veggies. Then there was the chocolate covered marshmallow, angel food cake, cookie and strawberry skewers. I almost went into shock just smelling all the sugar. But, I guess we all need our cheat days. I'll stick with the blueberry jam covered goat cheese thank you very much. It was a nice time and thanks to a friend of a friend, we got a new homemade plyo box too. 20, 24 and 30" I believe. Yay no more stacking plates or jumping on the old wobbly bench. Although, now I have no more excuses. Shit.

Made some breakfast bars the other day and they are great. I subbed a few things like maple syrup for the agave, coconut oil for the grapeseed and since I didn't have raisins I added chopped dried apricots and some dates. My daughter wasn't impressed, said it was too 'seedy'. My son liked them even though he said they needed chocolate chips and not the 'brown things'. (the dates) Sigh. I did try one new side dish. Fried zucchini strips. I used coconut oil, almond flour etc.. paleo friendly. They were ugly as sin but tasted pretty good. They definitely need some tweaking before I post a recipe and picture. Short of using them as baseball bats, I'm running out of ideas for all this dam zucchini. 

Wednesday (8/22)
Outlaw Crossfit
5X2,2,2,1,1 Back Squats @ 100% – rest 2 minutes.
*based off 3rm

Every 90 seconds for 15 minutes (10 total rounds):
21 Double-Unders
7 Pullups
3 Ground to Overhead - 85#
Notes: The goal is to finish the effort having completed each round within the time limit, and to have done it with the heaviest possible weight on the bar. Do not use a weight so heavy that you will not be able to finish a round, but also do not underestimate. You may take weight off, but you MAY NOT add weight at any time. Score is the weight used for the final round.
1 round + 21 du + 7 pull up + 2 GTO (in the 90 second round completion effort)

finished 5 rounds - 13 min or so

Tuesday (8/21)
Outlaw Crossfit
20 minutes to establish a 1RM Snatch.
45(5) -55(5) - 65(5)
*shoulders hurt, used as practice

Run 800m
75 Wall Balls 20/14# - 12#
Run 800m

Monday (8/20)
Rest day

Sunday (8/19)
Outlaw Crossfit
7X2 Pause Front Squats (3 seconds at bottom) – heaviest possible, rest 60 sec.

5 rounds for total working time:
100m Shuttle Run (10m sections)
15 HR Pushups
10 Hang Squat Clean to Thrusters @ 95/65#
*Rest 1:1

1. 3:33
2. 3:23
3. 3:26
4. 3:29
5. 3:36 = approx 17:30 working time

Saturday (8/18)
BBQ wod
5 snatch - 55#
10 OHS
15 over bar burpees
20 jumping lunges
10 min

Friday (8/17)
Rest Day

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