Saturday, February 16, 2013

Crappy Valentine's

Being a "Master" sometimes sucks. Sure I feel great and really, age is just a number but sometimes we just can't seem to catch a break in this house. Bob has been laid up the past 2-3 days with back spasms and I had a freaken bladder infection. Without going into detail, it was uncomfortable and kept me up most of the night Wednesday and I was feeling pretty crappy Thursday but thanks to Urgent Care, I got some meds and problem solved. Needless to say Valentine's Day was a bust, not that we had any particular plans but I'm sure we'll make up for it this weekend with a nice dinner and some sea salt caramel ice cream. OH MY.

Did Isabel the other day for the first time. Not sure why I haven't done it before, probably because it's 30 snatches and I've been fighting bad shoulders for so long. But, I did it and did better than I thought. 65lbs in 5 min. Not too bad since the snatch isn't my best lift. Today wasn't too bad with push press strength and ME double unders and pull ups. I did manage to PR my push press by 10lbs since November coming in with 115#. I may have gotten 120# all the way up if my traps weren't so sore from Isabel but it is what it is. Next time. Still happy with the progress. My unbroken double unders and pull ups were pathetic to say the least. I mean, 10 double unders? Really? WTF. You only get 3 chances, my highest was 20. Gah. Oh well. Wasn't in the mood to bust my ass today anyway.

I think I'm going to try do all the ladies this year. Yeah, quiet down you pervs you know what I mean. There are quite a few I've never done. Not sure why, but hopefully I'll be able take care of them no matter how bitchy they are.

Been busy in the kitchen testing some new recipes, got a few good ones in the works including loaded sweet potato pancakes and my homemade tomato sauce. There is no excuse, you should not be eating tomato sauce from a jar I don't care what the ingredients say.

Not much else happening. My laptop gave me fits yesterday and I almost cried. I could live without my Iphone for a day few hours if I had to, but not my laptop. I'm an addict. All is well and only because I had my trusty Iphone to look up how to fix my laptop. Shit, what did we used to do before all this technology? I can't even remember. Other than that, Bob and I are catching up on some early Breaking Bad episodes and finishing up season 7 of Dexter. Great great television between the two. Dexter has been fantastic and it will be sad to watch the final season this year.

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