Friday, February 1, 2013

Recipe: Tilapia orange avocado salad

Dinner last night. Quick and tasty if you're looking for something light.... which we were craving.

Cook and season your fish how you like it and let it cool to room temp. Prepare your orange and avocado into segments or chunks and toss in a bowl with the greens, a little EVOO, salt and pepper and whatever acid you like. I used balsamic but you could use just about anything. Orange, lemon, red wine, apple cider or champagne vinegar. Doesn't really matter. Mix lightly so you don't mush up the avocado. Plate greens, place the fish on top and sprinkle a touch more vinegar on the fish. Done.

Recovery day for me today. I put in my 3 days. A pretty challenging past 3 days actually. Lots of double unders and arm work but I feel really good. Decided to just go for a walk/light jog but once I got about 3/4 mile in I realized damn, I'm not warming up like I usually do by now. It's effin cold out here! Gah. Took the shortest route home after that. Oh well. At least I got my body moving and the blood pumping this morning.

Got a ton of stuff to get to. Have a good one.

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