Thursday, January 31, 2013

Chocolate blueberry banana muffins

What could be worse than this.

Such a disappointment. So today I made some chocolate blueberry banana muffins. Hell. yeah.

Well, I made one batch, poured some into the muffin tins for the kids, dropped some blueberries in and topped with raw honey for Bob then added some unsweetened cocoa powder (2 tsp) to the rest of the batter for myself. I've only tasted the chocolate (go figure) but both kids gave the others two thumbs up. I used PaleOMG's base recipe and tweaked a few things so I'm not sure if I can really call it my own but, it was my idea to add berries and chocolate so I'll take the credit for that.

And I'll also take credit for the 14 rounds of Cindy I did this morning without the use of the band for the pull ups. Yay me. The past few times I've done Cindy have been, eh. Last time I didn't use the band but I only did a scaled 12 minute version. Felt good. No oly stuff today, just not enough time. May do that tomorrow, if I can lift my arms.

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