Thursday, January 17, 2013

Any parent will tell you

going to Target is a chore. Actually going anywhere near food and toys with your children is no fun. NO fun, unless the goal is to buy junk food and toys. Then it's fun. But really, when is that the only reason I would go to Target. So yesterday while my little guy was in school for a blessed extended day, I took advantage. It was lovely. No whining, no begging, no potty trips, no fighting, no unyielding double wide cart. Ahh. It's the little things.

I decided to make Nom Nom's fried rice last night since I'm still feeling like we need to work more meat free dishes into our dinners. Sometimes change is good. Now, truth be told, I'm not a big fan of cauliflower. I'm certainly willing to try different recipes with it, and I have made my fair share of cauliflower rice, but I can't say it's one of my favorites that I crave every week. I will say that this recipe for making the rice is so much easier than the way I used to do it. Not that it's very difficult either way but by NOT pre cooking the cauliflower, it keeps the 'rice' from getting too mushy when you incorporate into your dish. The fried rice recipe itself was easy and pretty tasty for a last minute throw together meal. And you could basically mix in any protein and veggie you want. I stuck with the original recipe because I had everything and I wanted to stay meat free (besides the few bacon slivers). I'm not completely insane.

Went easy today with my wod by just doing some strength work. Banded deadlifts. They felt great at 125. It's pretty light but still a good workout doing 2 every 30 seconds. They are definitely helping me with speed in the lift but not taxing me to where my form breaks. I also tried some inverted ring.... lowers? I managed to get 2 without letting my feet slam to the ground. I did have to bring my arms almost 90 degrees, couldn't lower my legs with straight arms as well. Just don't have that core strength. I can do them tucked and almost get back up without touching the ground but my shoulder can't handle the dead hang for long. Fun to practice though.

Time to eat and move on. Got some new Temple Run 2 to play.

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