Wednesday, January 16, 2013

playing catch up

Well it's been 4 days since the last of the sickness blew thru our house. Maybe I shouldn't talk about it. Moving on. Decided to make some pineapple prosciutto ricotta gluten free pizza Sunday night. It was really good but all the dairy beat me up the next day. I'm sure the craptastic wod I did on Sunday had a little to do with it too, but it was more of a I feel fat and lazy rather than the usual sore and overworked Monday morning. Don't get me wrong, I was sore as hell too. But, I did manage to do 100lb push jerks in a metcon. The highest weight I've done yet. It was an 8 min amrap with 200m and pistols so I thought what the hell, even if I only made one round (I made 1 3/4), I'm going to give it a try. No, that doesn't sound too craptastic, but the 3 min of ME burpee bar jumps after that sealed the deal.

Monday like I said was a rest day and a much needed one at that. Everyone was back at school, I had a nice quiet house, for a few hours at least. Dinner was sauteed tilapia with cold broccoli slaw, cherry tomatoes and a roasted acorn squash. We needed something light and red meat free.

Tuesday, no more complaining that I can't undo my bra because my arms and shoulders are too friggen sore or that I feel fat and tired. I forced myself to get dressed and get out in the garage. Normally I wouldn't have to force myself but squat clean thrusters and burpee box jumps were on the menu for me. It took a little more convincing than normal. I actually got all 4 rounds unbroken. Yes, I scaled the thrusters back, but still. Once that torture was over I finished my morning off with a bottle of Kombucha and a hot cup of bone broth. I was feeling much better, mentally and physically. Not sure which one did the trick but either way, something made me feel better.

Today was back squats, double unders and power snatch. They all felt good and I even got a string of 40 double unders. I probably could have gotten more but I simply ran out of gas. Love my new rope!

Oh and we made more bone broth. 2 batches again. This time we used regular bones with no meat. It's all the butcher had unless I wanted to wait a while for him to cut some more up. And actually, I think this batch came out just as well, if not better than the first. MDA says you can use either, bones with fat and meat or plain bones. Both have been great so far. Another staple to add to my shopping list every week. Now if I can just bring myself to buy chicken livers... or any liver. I want to try it. It's supposed to be great for you but that little voice in my head keeps screaming EWWW GROSS. Yes, in all caps too.

Time to make the most of my child free day. Target, here I come.

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