Monday, January 7, 2013

If you've ever been afraid of Shepherd's Pie

don't be. For whatever reason, I was. Maybe a bad past experience as a kid, maybe because it was named after a dog that I owned, or maybe because it looked disgusting, don't know but I have always kept my distance. Until yesterday. The Domestic Man has done it again. Bob saw the recipe and said lets try this. It was delicious. Now, if you are against white potatoes and dairy, you'll have to sub but, if you're like us and a starchy tuber and a little heavy cream won't ruin your life, go for it. I swear you'll be thanking me. Well, not me, thank Domestic Man. I'm just a follower willing to test for those of you who aren't very internet savvy or just don't have the time to really research recipes. Trust me, it can be a part time job. Thankfully the more I research, the more sites I'm finding. There are a TON of paleo/primal sites out there. Some better than others of course but so far I think Bob hit the jackpot on this guy. We also made his sausage and sauerkraut on Saturday night. It does call for kielbasa or smoked sausage but I had regular pork sausage in the fridge so that's what I used. It was great and super easy to make if you like kraut. The benefits of fermented foods are positive though you would have to visit MDA's site to find the geeked out version of why.

So moving on. Two things, well, more than that but these two things first. Saturday I went to Central Bucks Crossfit to cheer on some fellow Crossfitters in a charity event for the kids of Newtown CT. What a turnout. And what an overwhelming feeling of just pure sacrifice and effort. Honestly, there were some people there who you wouldn't ever believe they could do a single pull up or throw a 75lb snatch over their head with ease. I was impressed, and I don't impress easily. And then there were the people like my friend and her crew who are just plain studs, driving down from an hour away to suffer for a good cause. The Crossfit community at it's best. Another reason why I love it. Hopefully once my little dude is in kindergarten and I have some free cash and more time (yeah right) I'll be able to join a box. Yeah, I know I just got done adding equipment to my home gym and I love it, but I'm thinking I may like that push of someone yelling at me. Or maybe I can just record Jillian Michaels yelling and cursing on The Biggest Loser to motivate me. She is quite scary.

Speaking of TBL, I saw some Crossfitters are going to be on tonights show. The contestants will probably be scared to death. Shit, I was when I first started and I was already in semi pretty decent but not really shape.

Oh and another thing that has nothing to do with anything. What is it with people wearing pajamas out in public? No, I'm not talking about little kids. I'm talking adults... parents. And no, not yoga pants, I mean flannel pajamas. Come on! If you are that freaking lazy to put on a pair of pants, or at the very least sweats, you need to revisit your priorities.

No barbell for me today. Went out for a 1.5 mile walk/easy jog and finished it off with 3 minutes on the torture machine Air dyne. The weather is pretty nice today, nice for January in the Northeast anyway so I took advantage. Besides, I'm still crying on the inside from my thrusters yesterday. WOD #2 with no cursing or complaining. Out loud anyway. Baby steps.

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