Thursday, January 3, 2013

Dem bones dem bones

So one thing Bob and I have been wanting to do for quite a while now was already accomplished in 2013. Making bone broth. I've been noticing an increase in unusual animal parts for sale at my local grocery store and thought, have I never noticed packaged chicken feet, tongue and cow bones before? Huh. After that my thought was, yay lucky me now I can try some new recipes. No I would NEVER eat cow tongue. I just like to tease the kids with it. Since I've been a fan of Nom Nom Paleo and Primal Palate for some time I know they rave about the good qualities of bone broth when you're a little under the weather. MDA of course nerds out on the scientific explanations of why you should drink it. So from what I can understand, it's good for you and contains a lot of stuff you need. Good enough. With that, we made 2 batches of it. We used a combo of MDA and Nom Nom Paleo and let it sit in the slow cooker for 24 hours. And the verdict is.... the first batch was a little strong and fatty but delicious once it's cooled and the fat is strained. The second batch (using the same bones and veggies) is great too. Not as fatty since that cooked off the first round, but deeper and richer in color. We already finished the first few containers over the past few days. It's extremely satisfying on a cold yucky day. It really doesn't take much effort with the slow cooker either. Put the stuff in and let it cook. Easy as broth.

Got in a good workout today. Long though. Couldn't make all 5 rounds and have enough time to eat and pick up the dude at school. 10 minutes of walking like a duck was interesting. Wasn't terribly difficult and my legs felt pretty good afterwards. 10 minutes high hang snatch practice and I actually got 70# today. Surprising since I haven't done them in weeks and normally fall apart around 65. The metcon was a tad stinky. 25 kbs, 10 burpees, 25 double unders. I managed to go unbroken the first round including the double unders! Next 2 rounds the du's effed me up, but still a good one.

Time to pack up the Christmas decorations and get some stuff done.

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