Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Did I mention I hate snatches?

OK, hate may be a strong word. Dislike intensely. Yes, I dislike them intensely. Why you ask? Because I stink at them. Even though Outlaw makes me do them at least twice a week, I still stink at them. But, I'm willing to bet most people suck at them because they are hard so I don't really beat myself up about it too often. Only every other day or so.

Weekend flew by as usual in a haze of crushing wods and delicious dinners. Outlaw has been particularly cardio heavy these past few days with the running and pull ups, double unders and wall balls and yesterday with high rep ohs and lunges. I'm actually surprised I don't feel as beat up as the wods would suggest I should. Yes, that made total sense. From what I can remember we had some salmon with pineapple salsa, which was funny since Nom Nom posted a pineapple salsa recipe last week and I thought, huh, that's how I make mine too. Maybe I do know what I'm doing. Saturday was an 'i'm tired and don't really feel like cooking' dinner of spaghetti squash spaghetti and sausage. Sunday Bob made some yummy chili and last night I made some green chicken. Always a good one but I really need to try the recipe with split breasts since chicken legs are just not my favorite.

Rest day for me today since I put in my 3 days. Unfortunately it doesn't work that way with house work or kids.

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