Friday, January 4, 2013

Too much meat

And not enough recipes you say? Well, have no fear your recipe tester is here. I know. Rhyming. Ugh. Anyway, made another new recipe last night this time from Balanced Bites. Thanksgiving stuffed meatballs. If you're anything like me when you go food shopping it's an automatic reaction to throw ground turkey, beef or pork in the cart even if you don't have a specific recipe in mind or already have a cows worth in the freezer. In my house it's one of those staple go to foods. I can always make sliders, meatballs, meatloaf or eggs. And 90% of the time I have celery, onions and carrots. So when I was cruising thru FB yesterday I came across a post from PaleOMG about Balanced Bites' meatball recipe. Looked good and hell, I already had everything. Even the cranberries. Which reminds me, I need to stock up. Apparently you can freeze the little suckers so during the off season when they are harder to find, bingo. The meatballs were great with the addition of fennel and walnuts and the cranberry sauce as a dip. I made some roasted broccoli rabe along with them and probably wouldn't do so in the future only because the cranberry sauce was really tart and the broccoli rabe was bitter... which I love, but I  probably should have gone with a sweet potato or squash side dish instead. Even a cold garden salad would work. Something not so strong in flavor. But, they were great and super easy so try them.

Got in a decent wod today. Heavy back squats and double unders, clean and jerks, push ups and sit ups. Did pretty well with the back squat and managed to attempt 200lbs. Luckily for me we have the cage and the safety pins. Ah well, next time. The clean and jerks gave me some issues which I've noticed in the past, a shooting pain in the fat part of my thumb that radiates into my palm and wrist. It's only for a split second and stops as soon as the bar is jerked. Kinda pissed me off and slowed me down.  Points for me though, I did not drop the f bomb once. Miracle that.

Have to say I've been feeling great lately. Back to eating well, little to no sugar, getting sleep, drinking the bone broth and kombucha and getting my workouts back on schedule. Ahh.

Going to try to head out to tomorrow to Central Bucks Crossfit to cheer my friend on during the "Newtown 26" memorial wod. Looks pretty brutal. Should be a great turnout considering all slots are filled from 7am - 3pm. Other than that, I'll be taking the tree down and probably making another new recipe from The Domestic Man, sausage and sauerkraut. Looks yummy.

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