Monday, February 25, 2013

OK winter, I'm done with you

I need warm sunshine to get me out of this funk. It has to be the weather right? Seasonal affective disorder? What is the cure for that anyway? Oh right, summer.

Yesterday was a chilly 45 degrees and my rest day. Bob took the girl on a muddy 10 mile bike riding adventure in the woods and my son was doing his usual, playing Legos and making pretend You Tube videos. OK, yard work here I come. And while I only put a minor dent in the yard, I noticed the tulips are starting to bud. So between that and The Masters and NCAA tournament talk ramping up, it's a good sign spring is finally on the way.

Workouts have been ok. Seems like I ended up in a deload week last week. Not by design but I guess my body needed it. I did put my fair share of work in 5 days out of 7 but I didn't bust my ass doing strength and a metcon each day. Not sure why, like I said, I'm in a funk. Today's wod was a suck fest for me. Top load deadlifts  and 7/2 min amrap of double unders, pull ups and burpees. Yeah, like I said, suck fest. The deadlifts were hard at 190# and my back was paying the price with the weak form. I've never tried 2 rep touch and go with that much weight let alone starting from the top and dropping down. Tough on the grip. I managed 3 out of 7 then lowered to 155# to practice more on form. My back wasn't very happy with me this morning as it was but now it's angry. My cash out will be sitting on the heating pad for a bit.

I know there are plenty of mixed reviews on heat vs ice for sore muscles but for me, the heating pad works best for lower back pain. It's not only comforting, but it keeps me loose so I can roll it out. Ice does or did help my shoulder pain so I get the pros and cons of both. Honestly though, you can tell me until you're blue in the face heat is bad and causes inflammation, I still won't stop using the heating pad. I'm stubborn and always right. At least in my head.

Got a new recipe in the works for Wednesday. Well, not a new one per se. But an old recipe I haven't made in a very long time that is primal friendly. I won't say paleo since it's best served with parm, although you can remove it. Anyway, an old Italian comfort food will be coming your way.

Speaking of recipes I tried The Domestic Man's russian beef patty thing last week. Now, the picture look less than appealing and hell, the idea of it is even less than less than appealing BUT it tastes great. It's relatively easy to make and most people probably have all the ingredients already. Hence the reason I even made it. That and the fact that Bob suggested it. He's been right on the money so far. Anyway, if you can get past the words 'beef cutlet' then go for it. It was a nice surprise.

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