Tuesday, February 19, 2013

No, that was no fun

I'm still scared of 24" box jumps. I can't get over it. I had to do burpee box jumps today and I could not get them properly with any consistency. They were more of a jumping step up... most of them anyway. I thought about just taking it down to 20" but I was almost finished at that point and said to myself just suck it up you big sissy! Sigh. It seems like I have to start over again at 20" to get my confidence back. The brain is a tricky little muscle and sometimes works against me.

The rest of the wod was pretty crappy as well. It was only like, 1 minute on 30 second rest, 1:30 minute on 30 second rest, 2 min etc... for 3 rounds which seems doable and really, not that terrible. You'de think I would know by now. It was a sneaky little wod. Heavy kbs, burpee box jumps and double unders. Gassers all of them, even in short bursts, and 30 second rest? Please. Yeah, it's better than nothing, but not by much. Anyway, I also did high bar back squats which felt great today. My legs felt great. (check in with me again tomorrow) The sore spot was the bar resting on my shoulders/traps at first but I guess the weight worked out the knots I had there because they actually felt better once I was finished the set.

Yesterday's wod was a good one too. Power cleans, t2b and wall balls in 12 minutes. And I'm happy to say my metcon power clean weight is about 85 now. I've been stuck at the 'safe' 65-70lb range since I knew I could do it. Guess I am still making progress on Outlaw after 9 months. I think once I hit a full year of his programming I'll move on to The Way's programming. Longer wods and more intense but by summer I should have the time to invest into it without worrying about the kids schedules. Unless I chicken out. There's always that.

Well I should have a recipe for tomorrow but my Pages application, where all my stuff is saved, is acting up so if I have time to redo it, I will.

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