Monday, February 11, 2013

Wait, what happened?

What the heck happened to my past few days? Lets see, workout wise, I've done a few ass kickers. Thursday was a killer 20 minute chipper including hspu, pull ups, kbs, sit ups and burpees. It ended with 70 burpees. Yeah, it was pretty terrible but what sucked was that I was about 2 1/2 minutes from making the 20 minute cut off. I did finish the wod and happily all rx'd. No assistance on the 40 pull ups. Yes, it took me forever, but I needed to finish no matter how long it took.

Saturday we got about 5" of snow so we took the kids sledding at the golf course down the street. No, they don't technically allow it, so yes we had to sneak on like everyone else. The kids loved it. They have never been on any real big hills so they were really excited. Both of them even tried to ride the sled down like a snowboard and they were great at it. No fear. Guess we need to take a winter weekend ski trip next year. Even mommy gave it a try but had to bail after about 10'. Mommy and snowboarding don't mix. Ended the day with some hot cocoa and gluten free chocolate chip cookies.

Sunday I did one of the ladies, Diane. I didn't realize the past two times I've done it I did a scaled version at 15-12-9, 105# and piked push ups. This time I did the 21-15-9 @ 140 and real hspu. Not too bad, 9 min. The deadlifts felt ok, next time I'll have to try the rx'd 155.

Made a few good dishes this past weekend including salmon, burgers and grass fed filet and have something in the works for tonight. Thinking orange sesame garlic shrimp. Still tweaking some things but I should have at least one recipe tomorrow.

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